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Vixen Productions
~Graphics for the vixens of the cosmos!~||Graphics|| Cartoon Doll Graphics || Layouts || Blends || HTML Help || Requests || And More! ||
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.: Silent Devotion :. 3 Stars3 Stars3 Stars
♥ Silent Devotion {use to be .net} is back! Still offering dollies & other little goodies ♥
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Paka's Palace
Cartoon dollmakers and adoptables, new domain from the creator of NFL Dollmakers. Original dollmakers and props, uniques and preps. Drag 'n drops, double-clicks, and one clicks. Message board and more!
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KissDesign Dolls & Dollmakers 1 Stars
9 dollmakers + 800 dolls, 7 signature-makers, hundreds of blinkies bases to make yours, 160 blinkies-calendars for your website, 450 romantic virtual cards, 250 websets free, 1000 midifiles, 40 flash games, humour, fun and much more!
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Dolls||Graphics||Stuff 4 girls to do||Site reviewing||Movie reviews||Tons of things for you to do||& fun fun fun! Visit soon!
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YummieLicious 3 Stars3 Stars3 Stars
| Tons and tons of dolls| DollMakers| Graphics| Interact| Doll Cursors| Tutorials| Games| and *soo* much more! |
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Dazzling Dreams
Dazzling Dreams has really cool layouts! I do requests. It also has Dolls, Links, Graphics, Contests, Tutorials, and more to come!
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Dazzling Divas 2 Stars2 Stars
135 + Makers (including roommakers and Animemaker) and increasing each day, 500+ namedolls, Doll of the month contest, Preps, Uniques, Designers, Wonderkins, Animes, blinkies, forum, and more!!! Come and check Mina's animated Dollz //
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:: MoonPixel :: Dollz :: 4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars
Handdrawn Dolls, Bases, 9 Original Dollmakers!, A Blinkiemaker, Blinkies, Tuturials and web/blog graphics :D
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