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Hi, my name is naomi
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the pitchin

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Created: 2005-01-10 17:46:27 All stories by
It was an average day, though that's wat i thought. @ school my friend told me about this new rge, the villager look. i knew i had to have 1 cuz if i din't i'd get laughed @. i hate having to feel uncomfortable with being my unique self. So my friend lent me a pitchfork, to fit in. @ first i wasn't so used to it but then it totaly posessed me. CREEPY! i thought. Then @ lunch in the whole student body were dressed as pixis and i was the laughing stock of the school. How could my friend do this to me, at that time i then noticed that she wasn't my friend after all. so then i knew i should get my revenge. That night i snuck into my ex-friend's house.

The next day she came to school with purple and green hair. But it turned out that was the style everyone else had. Ohhh, i just gave up. As i was running my way to the washroom i looked at a sign which read Prank week, the team(teachers VS students) which has the best prank wins, after realizing my guilt i apoligized to my friend/ex-friend/friend. Then we just had a laugh.

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