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Hi, my name is renna
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By stianna321 Send DollMailSend Email
Created: 2013-03-17 15:01:41 All stories by stianna321
I am Renna. I live in a peaceful village called animal nation. It not really a village. It a magical nation hidden in a forest no one can find...if they do let say they disappear.

I am one of the helper that help with this "disappearing". I feel bad but I got to keep my family and friends from being captured by him...him I cant tell who "him" is because it scares me to just think about it. He the leader of a human tribe near my village. Lots of the people that disappear from the tribe. I do not have a name so they call me what I am. Black and Red fox. This is the story of how I got my name Renna.

It was a summer day. Bright and sunny and more hotter than the hot springs. I always tried to hide I very hot because I always getting sick. I took a step near the boundaries of the forest and something...or someone was calling me out. It was forbidden to go outside the forest. I look around and took one step out the forest and another, looking at the valley that laid by the forest, I used to go to when I could hide my tail that was now big, puffy and soft tail.

It was "him", the man I feared most called me out the forest. I know lots of people I was scared of but he was the worst. I tried to run back in the forest but the man grabbed me and drag me away. They tied me up and asked all these questions "Is you tail real!?!?!?!" All I could answer was that one "Yes it real. Realer than you people think." The asked me my name I could not answer that one and they got mad yelling and ranting about who I am and what my purpose in the forest and what did I see in there.

A man stepped out of the crowd and asked "Do you know a girl by the name of Renna? Years ago I met a girl and we played together every day. But I sad to say my dear child hood friend was token away by whom she called "Father". Before she was token away I gave that head band on your head to her. She should be around my and your age" At that moment I was shocked at what he was asking me. I looked him in the eyes and said "I sorry I don't have a good memory. All I can remember are my past master. My master where Luke, Leo, Sona, Gabby and my dearest master is Dark and Knives." I closed by eyes and opened them and my eye some how turned red.

The man smiled and look at me "Well then I name you Renna" I was so happy and he could tell. My tail wagged back and forth. Then he look around and said " You will live with me Renna my name is Dark" He was my favorite master and his best friend Knives was my second. I guess this is where my happiness comes back to me and them.

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