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Hi, my name is mel
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your blood is gushing down the stairs part 3

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By fluffy_ferret_101 Send DollMail
Created: 2013-06-26 05:50:00 All stories by fluffy_ferret_101
I didnt know what he was going to do to me, but I was terrified of the knife!! He had tried to stab me earlier but got scared of a bird. He had been too tense. He was getting closer to me but still hadnt pulled the knife out.

I had to create a distraction; something to get him to go away or get caught or just... something!!!

Then I had an idea. It wasnt gaurinteed to work, but I had hope.

Then, it WAS gaurunteed not to work because of what he did next. He pulled out the knife and I comepletely froze. I couldnt do anything, I could barely breathe, and he was getting closer to my face.

He had closed the door when he came in so there was no hope of anyone seeing him here. Nobody would be looking for him because he wasnt even an actual doctor. Everybody just thought he was an intern.

I didnt know why he was trying to kill me. He had no reason!!! Then he said something and I got scared... so scared I almost fainted.

He said,"I didnt get you last time because of the nurse. But this time..." He walked over to the closet in the hospital room and opened the door. Then he said," The nurse can't help you now."

When I looked in the closet, I was horrified at what I saw. What little clothes were in there were now smeared with blood and on the floor, sitting in a huge pool of blood, was my nurse.

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