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Hi, my name is kamille
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what is christmas....really about

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Created: 2004-12-21 12:48:16 All stories by
Christmas has always been good at our house,but this year is different. I always seem to feel the joy and love people feel around Christmas time,but this year I don't feel anything. Christmas this year is full of sadness and anger. I guess it is because my parents just divorced and it has been pretty hard to forget and move on. I will never forget the laughter our family use to share, everyone use to think we were picture perfect,but thats just it we were picture perfect,but in a frame. If you looked at us close enough you would see a story that would make you cry. I loved Christmas because it was the only time we would ever be really happy and joyful. Ialways seemed to make poeple smile and I love that i have that gift, but I only smile because I can't stand to see people cry... for me. I now don't feel anything for Christmas because we don't seem like a family anymore, but instead I feel like we are all strangers living in a strange world on another strange day. I miss Christmas, were has it gone, why can't I find you. Have you forgotten me. I love you and all I ask santa this year is to bring Christmas back and let my family and me feel the joy we once did when we were...a picture perfect... family.

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