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Hi, my name is The Berry sisters
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Behind the Moon and Stars

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By Hamstertail Send DollMail
Created: 2007-07-03 01:10:04 All stories by Hamstertail
It was dawn. Light seeped in from the half-closed window, and Twinkle woke up. She combed her long blonde hair, then opened the window fully , fluttered outside and danced in the air.

Twilight rose from the comfortable bed and looked out the window. The aroma of lavender flowers swirled through the air. A golden light was floating, and Twilight smiled to herself. She called out to Twinkle, and Twinkle rushed through the air like a bird, through the window, and into Twilight's arms.

"No time for monkey business, Twinkle! We have to eat breakfast now!" Exclaimed Twilight,"I'm going to cook." Twinkle cheered, it seemed that Twilight was a great cook.

The kitchen was filled with spices and sweets. Twilight wiped her forehead, and put on the finishing touches.

"Done! A chicken filet and peach/grape juice for you, a corn salad and milk for me."Exclaimed Twilight, "Dig in!"

Twinkle stuffed her cheeks with chicken, washing it down with her juice. She crunched and she munched, until the whole filet were gone and the cup empty. "Light?"requested Twinkle, unsatisfied,"I'm still hungry..."

Twilight turned around while running her fingers through her hair."Huh, I guess you're a growing girl!" Laughed Twilight, shaking her head,"You can have the rest of my salad. I have to go to school."

"Nuuuu!" Moaned Twinkle,"I wanna come with you!"

(Continued sooner or later)

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