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Hi, my name is Threasa
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Magical Land

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By blubbernugget11 Send DollMail
Created: 2006-08-29 20:51:58 All stories by blubbernugget11
One day a young, 13, year old girl was on her computer and discovered a magical website. She read the name to herself, The Doll Palace. In a few minutes she was in to the fairy and fantasy doll maker program. After she chose everything she wanted in it she clicked build doll and something amazing happened to her. She was sucked into her computer into a wonderful world of fairyville. Once she had landed from where the screen was a nice fairy farmer lady flew up to her and said" Hello what is your name and what happened to your wings?". " I'm Threasa and I don't have any wings." she replied confused. " Well then you better get yourself some because everyone in fairyville has wings." the nice farmer told her. " I'm in tearton not fairyville. Am I in fairyville?" she asked with confusion. Now the farmer was helping her off of the ground and explaining to her where she was. " So you want me to walk around town and find the great fairy wizard to give me wings?" Threasa asked the farmer. He nodded to her and pointed towards the town. I have a long way to go, she thought to herself. As she started off the farmer yelled to her to go around the mountains not through them. She nodded back to him without even paying any attention. When she reached the mystical forest she realized that the mountains were next so she stopped to rest a bit. When she stopped she sat on a rock and before she could get up the rock had lifted her up and said " Do you mind getting off of my head so I can sleep?". She let out a little shriek as she jumped off of the rock. " I-I'm so s-sorry my n-name is Threasa what i-is yours?" she asked the rock. " My name is Brock, Brock Rockington and that little puppy over there is my little sister, Demmy Doggy, nice to meet you." he replied. " Nice to meet you both. Do you guys like adventure, because if you do your welcome to come on mine with me to town." she asked them both. " We do and we'd love to." quiet little Demmy said. " Cool, we'll start tommorrow morning at the break of dawn. By the way how did you two become brother and sister?" Threasa asked but by then the two were asleep. The next morning at the break of dawn they all woke up and made there way through the forest and to the mountain gateway. " Come on, lets go through." Demmy and Brock said. " But the farmer I met when I first landed here told me to go around due to the great dangers in the middle of the mountains." Threasa said. " That man is an old kook, lets just go through. I do all of the time." Demmy said. Threasa nodded and went through. When they got to the other side they realized that all of their food was taken. " Told you it was a bad idea." she said. But as soon as she finished saying that Demmy turned her head and dropped her mouth. Before her was the biggest town she had ever seen in her life. Again she shreiked but this time after she did she took Brock and Demmy by the hand and took them into the town. " It says that the great fairy wizard is in tent 213428 which should be right where we are." she said. In front of them was a big tent and when they walked in she went up to the wizard and asked for her wings and so he said an enchantment and all of a sudden she starts floating and wings start sprouting through her back and in a few minutes they were done growing . Once the wings were done growing she flew over to the wizard and thanked him then she flew out of town over the mountains and back where she needed to be. " I guess this is good-bye you guys." Threasa said starting to tear up. " No, we're gonna go with you." Brock said. " Really she asked with a big smile coming on. As they both nodded she flew through the screen. About a minute later she opened her eyes and found a big rock and a puppy on her desk. " Hi guys." she whispered to them both " This is my home, I hope you enjoy it."

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Boca Raton, FL
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Posted On: September 4, 2006
thank you very much

Flushing, NY
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Posted On: August 31, 2006
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