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Hi, my name is Kaitlyn
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this is a song i wrote will u read it?????????????

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Created: 2006-03-15 22:29:53 All stories by
I wrote this song and I was wondering what you guys think of it......

"My FairyTale Life"

I don't belive the fairytale life is for me.

But that one day,I met my prince.

I was walking down the street my nose in a book.

I guess you could call me a bookworm

than without me even lookin' I bumped right into him

I look up and there was my prince

Then it all turned out right my life was perfect

the fairytale isn't for me then i met my prince.

guy don't you see?the fairytale doesn't fit me

I'm livin happily ever after.

I didn't even think I had a prince.

than i met him and it all made since.

the fairytale it's for me

didn't think i was a fairytale girl

what i used to be was a

straight A student,teachers pet.

now thats all over.

now i'm made out for fairytale life

met my prince it makes all sence

This is my fairytale life

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Posted On: March 15, 2006
its great
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