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Hi, my name is unknown
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the story with no name

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By NikkiDoll69 Send DollMail
Created: 2006-08-31 22:20:33 All stories by NikkiDoll69
One fine day a Queen gave birth to a female child in the Doll Palace. The child had no father or relatives. The queen knew rite away that the girl was special, so she tried thinking of a name…”Isabel… Lara…” Still the queen could not think of a name. She paid people far and wide to think of that special name, but still no name. After 16 long years the babe was neither a baby nor a child, she was a young woman, a very beautiful young woman. So her mother made a competition any man to make a name suitable for her daughter could marry her. She lived without a name, until one day there was a handsome man, named Jacque showed up from war. He had had heard of the princess of great beauty but no name, so he decided to meet her. He snuck up to the princess’s window at the palace and peered up not knowing what to call her, after all she had no name. So he yelled up “Madam?” She peeked out of her window and asked what he wanted. He said in return, “I wish to grace you with my presents.” She slid down and he caught her in his soft warm hands. She could tell by the look in his eyes that they were in love. Every night he snuck up to her window and every night she left her room to be with him. One night Jacque asked the princess to marry him. The princess stunned by the question said no and ran away. Jacque thought of really nice names and produced them to the queen, the queen didn’t like them and turned him away. The next few years the young man searched the world for the most perfect name and then it hit him “Acasha “. He retuned to the queen and said this name before the queen. She started to cry an said” thank you dear boy you have unlocked my daughters heart.” Jacque swept the princess of her feet and got married.

The End!!

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