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Hi, my name is opal
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the phrophecy of the gems

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By afrodhite Send DollMail
Created: 2006-09-17 08:05:20 All stories by afrodhite
"are we witches?" asked pearl (my best friend), "for the last time! no!, we are good witches soul i a human body an that is called a wicca" i shouted, "girls what are you talking about?" said mrs mitchell are teacher (she was called paige matthews when she was not teaching but now she is married and teaching in magic school), "we were talking about who we-" i got cut off has pearl butted in saying "-who we are going to have in the next class" siad pearl with a big smile on her face, "ok, i can tell you who you are having, you are having gemma the gems teacher" mrs mitchell said with a slight grin, "what is the matter? mrs mitchell" i asked curiously " i will not lye to you! some day girls you will go on the quest of all time you will cross something so-" she got cut off as the bell rang. Mrs mitchell walked away into the transporter, i saw aqua follow her (aqua is miss populour she is so rude), "OPAL WAKE UP " said pearl waving her hand in my face, "come on lets go quick! we are late" shouted pearl!i just stood there staring at the closet, then pearl grabbed me and she ran to the class ( she had her cool converse on so she could run easyer)."Your late girls" said gemma, "be on time next time" she said calmly, "girls you are the only ones with no powers" said gemma, "gemma!!! mrs mitchell is dead!" i shouted, "what!?" said gemma we all rushed out to the hall and we saw mrs mitchell standing there talking to aqua, "opal!" she wisphered to her self, i felt so angry that everyone was laughing i felt like hurting them suddenly the book shelf fell on all of my class mates exept pearl becuase she was just coming from the loo, "paige!" gemma shouted, "opal has unleashed her powers of telekinisis (move things with mind) and premonitions (see into the futre or past)" gemma told mrs mitchell, "great now we need pearl to unleash hers!" said mrs mitchell, later that day when are classmates were all friends and healed again we were playing netball and pearl jumped so high and kicked the ball then she stayed in the air for a couple of minutes then went down and then she went staright thorught a wall!, "girls!" said mrs mitchell she called us over to the transporter, "girls you must got to the doll palace the powerfullest place on magic land, on your way you will meet billie and amber you will al battle magical monsters together and when you get to the tdp you will find a jade and a ruby and a saphire and a topaz bring them back to gemma not me- becuase i will be dead by the tinme you come back (that is what you saw opal), so we went, as mrs mitchell turned around aqua stabbed mrs mitchell with a poison arrow END OF PART 1!

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United Kingdom
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Posted On: October 3, 2006


United Kingdom
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Posted On: September 25, 2006
thanx people

Chula Vista, CA
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Posted On: September 21, 2006
I read a novel called "The Prophacy Of The Stones" by a 15 year old girl...
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