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Hi, my name is Valerie
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the last words

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Created: 2005-02-11 12:41:29 All stories by
She woke up early to get ready to go to work like she always did on saturday, she just stepped out of the shower when her long time sweetie called her to say good morning. they started to make plans for the night, when she realized that her old friend had come home form the army. she didnt want to upset her boyfreind in saying that she rather see john because he came home from boot camp but she want to see him and hang out at her house.she decided to act casual in saying that she would be extremly tired after work and rather just hang at her house by her self, but he wasnt buying that. he wanted to just chill with her. after awhile in arguing wether or not he was over reacting she came out bluntly and told him she wanted to see John because she hasnt seen him for a while. that made him furious. he didnt want her chillen with another guy even though he knew John. however he couldnt hold his anger back and started to yell at her, she hated him yelling at her and though she yelled back at him she was slighlety crying on the other end. With total rage he hung up on her and stormed out to chill with all his friends. She went off to work to work for 6 hours.

when she was all done, she noticed that she was running late. the rain was coming down hard, but she didnt care she always drove fast in the rain. she called john up to cancell so she could chill with her boyfriend. but when she looked up her boyfriend's number in her cell she didnt see the mack truck that pulled out in front of her and slammed on his brakes. she pressed send and looked up...but not in time. She slammed into the truck and the last thing she ever saw was the brake lights of the truck.

Her boyfriend was so excited to see his girls number on his caller id. he wanted to appoloizge to her for his anger eariler. but all he heard was nothing.

the last thing that he said to the girl he loved was "I hope I nver talk to you again." he know mopes around knowing that he will never be able to talk to her again. every night he wishes and prays that one night someday he'll be able to say the 3 words he meant to say the morning after the fight. "I love You"

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Albany, IN
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Posted On: January 28, 2011
gud vry gud
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