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Hi, my name is carla and carlitha
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the girls next door

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By m_the_pup7 Send DollMail
Created: 2007-12-11 21:35:12 All stories by m_the_pup7
I came home ran up the stairs and went to my room without saying a word to any one. I lifted my back pack over my head and threw my binder on my bed and sat in solitude. I sat tere thinking and sinking in my bed what im i going to do with my life. all i think about is my education and i thout mabe i need to change and fit in for once. i always think about school and my career. so then i was so worred to change mabe no one will like me. after a while i just thout that it might be good for me. i had dicided to call carla my best friend and ask he if she liked me the way i am.i called and she awsered i said hi so what r u doing? she said nothing much and carla was populer but still friends with me.i need u to tell me some thing do u think i should change . she said u could try.

that next day i tried some thing new and wore it to school i got there and lots of people said they liked my clothes i was amazed at what complements people gave me.carla came up to me and said what do u think u r doing. and i said i am trying to fit in for once and not be afreek . i said that a lot of people had given me complements and i felt good about it . I said do u like what i did she said no because u r steeling my popularity and ruining my lif e i just wanted to change so i could fit in for this once in my life after that day people started to follow me every were and i felt really good because this was the first time i was popular and i liked having friends.

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Blue Springs, MO
All My Stories
Posted On: December 14, 2007
ok your need more punctuation so check out mine for and idea. but over all it was really good.
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