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Hi, my name is angleic
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the beggening part 3

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By xXstiannaXx Send DollMail
Created: 2013-01-18 22:59:12 All stories by xXstiannaXx
Theforest was deep dark and kina scary. My feet were killing me. i walk for 10 miles and now i stop and rest. i leaned on a tree and feel asleep. when i woke up i found my self with 1 person by me. a man in red and red eye too. he smiled and said "so u a hobo or something. you look simullar to a girl i used to know. altho she died." he help his hand up to help me up but i didnt to accept the help i got up and sai "i not a hobo u moron i just get tired easly so i fell asleep in the bst place i cauld find i would climb the tree and sleep there but i was too lazy" it was all ture i am alway tired a little and i was too lazy to climb the tree. he chuckled and said "we good I dont like hobo in the forest so were u headed.i going to the village of fear u ever hear of it...oh ya i forgot what your name mines zack" i smiled and replyed "i heading back to the village of fear too it my village my name angelic: he laugh and said "want to travel with me how far away are we" i though i was pretty close couse i sensed my ring i left at my house in the village "about 3-4 miles if want to come you better come i leaveing now" i got 5 feet away and he ran to my side and we walk silently to the village and i went to my house and picked up a gold note that said sorry. i opened it and in it was a picture of me and lizbeth and inside it said for mouth we traveled togeather i freed you and now i betray you when we encounter each other we be enimes i so sorry i did not mean to make you mad or sad but were born enimes no excuse if you ever need help i live in the village of sadness visit me soon. i miss when we laugh and traveled but it ended why why didnt you tell me about the light

to be continuned

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Posted On: January 19, 2013
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