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Hi, my name is Sore
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the Impatient Soldier

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By SomethingAnother Send DollMail
Created: 2012-07-10 22:16:24 All stories by SomethingAnother
Wrist to chin,

elbow to rest,

the falling and rising

of her chest


Done over gently

with cybernetics

careful to not

affect genetics


Is she real

is she fake?

Is she just

a life to take?


Skin and bones

and meat and tubes

with everything

left to loose


Gazing at

the stillest star

where the hell's

the nearest bar?


Head is crammed;

chalk full of words

the dead are gone

gone in herds.


Oh, what course

should the commander take?

millions depend

on the choices she'll make.


Freckles dotted

across her face

hazel eyes falling

hair curled in place


Gun check at her side

with tender thoughts of suicide

because, how easy it'd be

to say "oh well, at least I tried"


Of course,

herself, she'd never forgive

a second chance is

meant to live.


Her story

is coming to an end

but her will shall never

break or bend.


Impatient in her lobby seat

with nothing but a hell to meet.


I'll give someone a free pic to tell me what fictional game character this is about LOL


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