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Hi, my name is hilliary
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tales of a broken heart

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By hillnina Send DollMailSend EmailYIM
Created: 2006-11-21 18:53:53 All stories by hillnina
of all the girls you have met how many have loved you

of all the things you said to them have you said i love you too

its hard to beleive out of all of them you choose me

its hard to beleive something i cant see

i dont want you to tell me you love me cuz its what you think i want to hear

you are prombly out tellin someone else the things you whispered in my ear

i need you to love me for real and not for fake

my heart has been broken im not going to make the same mistake

dont tell me and her the exact same things

dont give me and her the exact same rings

i love you to much i dont wannah share

if she loves you this much do you really care

dont tell me you will always be here then get up and leave

dont break my heart and say that she is what you need

it doesnt matter any way my hearts falling apart

i shouldve gone with my instint cuz i knew it from the start

how naive was i to beleive what you said

i keep saying get over it inside my head

how care less was i to let myself fall in love with you

now im heart broken i dont know what to do

i see you with her she sees us toghether

she giggles and smiles at your promises of forever

hope she knows that if youve done this to me

then you will hurt her then she will see

the both of us love noone knows which love is more true

but we all know the reasonn for two young heart broken

that reason is you

if you ever really cared forme then dont leave me like this

i only want five more minutes thats my only wish

how can you stand yourself ,youve hurt me so bad

then turn around and smile at her and act like youre glad

your love is evil your love is a sin

i guess by lovin you i let it within

im still repenting for what ive done to my friends tomake or love real

but i stopped when i saw you two toghether

because i know how they feel

i hope she doesnt give you to much

only to find your absent touch

i hope you dont hurt anyone else like this

cause no one deserves your kiss

only to find there love given away

only to find that they have nothing to say

youll nerver stop lieing

youll prombly never care

youll always tell some girl that you will be there

i let myself fall for you and now ive found that there wasnt some one to catch me at the end

cause when i fell i tripped over my friend

of all the girls youre going to meet

will there be some one so special and sweet

that she will receive what youve givin me

only to find ....that she doesnt want it

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Posted On: November 21, 2006
uhhh, that was okay.

Saint Leonard, MD
All My Stories
Posted On: November 21, 2006
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