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Hi, my name is roxy
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roxy and tdp

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By baby_doll_64_ Send DollMail
Created: 2006-09-04 12:04:55 All stories by baby_doll_64_
One day a girl named roxy went on tdp to go make some dolls and go in some fashion shows too.She did this every day if she was home.One day she loged in and she had a dollmail it was from her best friend mallory.Roxy didn't get to see mallory very much because she lives in halifax and and roxy lived in yarmouth.But on tdp they were on each others friends lists and talked in the chat rooms togather and also went in fashion show togather too.anyway this is what the letter said:

hey roxy!

It's mallory im comeing to yarmouth so ill get too see you this weekend! can't wait!

peace:mallory BFFL

So of corse roxy was really excitid that she would get to see her best friend mallory..........Finaly it was friday.And mallory came toher house..They did all kinds of stuff togather.They went to the mall and the movies.They went to the beach and to the salon to get their hair done and their nails painted.They had a blast!But soon came sunday and mallory had to go home.They were both sad but they were happy they had a awsome and fun weekend.As soon as mallory got home they were both back on the doll palace.And always kept in touch.

The End!

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United Kingdom
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Posted On: August 31, 2006
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