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Hi, my name is temp&pin
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part 5

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Created: 2005-06-06 15:59:34 All stories by
well so far temptation and pinhead are goig through some rough times. He left to goto his cousins graduation party for a couple of days and hasnt come back. its been almost a week and temptation hasnt been able to sleep. sometimes she cries herself to sleep because she miss's him so much. temptation told pinhead that he need to come home because she doesnt like this. its bad enough that her mom doesnt even let her see him most of the time. but now that she can see him hes not home. plus its going to be so much harder on them because tmptations mom is makeing her move to louisiana and temptation doesnt want to go. she doesnt want to leave pinhead. plus she is afraid that she will never be able to see him again. pinheads parents dont want temptation togo at all because they like her unlike pinheads other girlfriends. they think of temptation as one of there own flesh and blood daughter. thats how much they care about her. plus they dont want temp & pin to break up even though temp & pin wont because they love each other too much. now pinheads birthday is coming up but temptation doesnt know what to get him at all. pinhead doesnt tell temptation things that he likes because he doesnt want her to buy him anything. he doesnt like his girlfriends buying him things. he thinks it wrong for a girl to buy a guy something. right now she just wants him to come home. and she needs something but cant have it. because hes over at his aunts house and it sucks real bad for her.

tune in for part 6

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