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Hi, my name is brenda
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one day your here and then your gonw

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Created: 2005-03-17 20:26:58 All stories by
One day your here and then your gone

see everyday we complain about little ups and downs

we need to be thankin the lord that we are still around

you will never ever know when it is your time to go

i know its hurtin so bad to loose people that we love

you gotta use that example and try to straiten up

you gotta live everyday as if its your last one

one minute your here and the next day your gone

see i always wished that you would be here right by my side

im glad i told you i loved you so much before you dide

somtimes i just cant find my feelings i have inside

i knew you couldnt and wouldnt be here for very long

one minute your here and the next day your gone

see what i need is for yall to know

that living life can come and go

you gotta face reality

i want the world to feel with me

somtimes the world that we live in

dont seem so fair or forgiving

see these streats are hard to survive in

cuz all day we see people dying

and i pray that one day we all see

that life aint promised to you and life aint promised to me

never forget this and be clear

we dont know how long were gonna be here

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