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Hi, my name is mermaid
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mermaid family

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By Liana135 Send DollMail
Created: 2013-03-11 20:53:26 All stories by Liana135
The time of the year has come...

For mermaids to appear on the surfaces of earth's waters.

Urban legend of mermaids don't tell where they came from...

But I can say, that mermaid families are special.

They don't come from cities, or different planets.

They come from the very place of unique creation:

Our imaginations.

From the depths of our minds,

To the very depths of the deepest oceans,

Our minds cannot grasp the reality of what we have created

From imagination, to story, to urban legend, to myth.

And mermaids are what we call urban legend.

We have not yet seen with our very own eyes

The mermaid in form physical.

But we have, yes we have.

Our imaginations have created them

So they have been there, the whole time.

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