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Hi, my name is Renna
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make over!?!?! (3)

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By stianna321 Send DollMailSend Email
Created: 2013-03-17 15:03:48 All stories by stianna321
I started running again and nothing was different. Someone grabbed my hand and said "this is new one" people rushed over and took me to a area where they gave me clothes. I picked a whitish blue dress with gloves. They died my hair blonde and did my make up. They put earing in my ears and for the final touch a tiara. I didn't know what happened in the month I been gone but it was sure weird. They took me to what look like a castle and drag me in. Well not latterly dragging she just made me walk down the halls to a throne room. They told me to sit. The man came in the room. He was where fancier clothes than mine. He smiled and said "sorry to disturb you but I decided you are my queen"....QUEEN!?!?!?! who are you talking to!?! The person who protected this village from humans and have been lowered in to a trap and now being forced to merry someone!!!! HIs smile would enchant anyone but me.

I got up and look at him and walked away. I looked back real quick and said "Where my clothes...I got a job to do and you just dragged me away from it." I didn't like lying at all but it was my only chance to get away from this crazy man. But before I got to the door to the outside world he grabbed my arm and pushed me away from the door. "I sorry I wasn't asking if you would I was demanding it! Now what job importuner than to be a queen little Jin (gold in Chinese ) " I looked at him with my I goanna kick you to next Friday look. "I am the keeper of the forest. You know the person who keeps human away!" The man looked surprised "A woman cant do that!"

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