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Hi, my name is Sore
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lost in the afterliving [01]

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By SomethingAnother Send DollMail
Created: 2012-07-01 00:09:20 All stories by SomethingAnother
a dark story about love and dark pasts that shouldn't even exist anywhere except at the back of a demented girl's head.


"I don't wanna leave," she muttered slowly in an exhausted breath. Her red hair littered a propped up layer of pillows. Her messy curls were almost a dark, magenta wine. Obviously not a natural color, however she had dyed it so long that she has almost forgotten what it once was. The room was dim, cold. But there was a refreshing breeze that would dance in and out of the open windows. It was gliding throughout the sky, still blue but fading to an orange dye. Outside, the tops of trees seemed more like black silhouettes attempting to claw at the air. Wherever the afternoon has slunk off to, it was long gone now. Only a dreamy shell of a day was here, like a corpse without a spirit. But night was coming. And Oria had to leave. But she just did not want to.

Her and Veck were sprawled out on his bed, like they were on most summer afternoons, eyes glued to a silly television series of some cliche proportions. Neither of them were extremely outgoing- they preferred the indoors.

A lot of people often clump 'not outgoing' and 'shy' together. But that did not describe Veck. He had a strong, innocent face. High cheekbones and a thick jaw. Veck's skin was pale, not a blemish in sight. Oria said he kind of looked like a walking mortuary when he woke up, though. On many occasions he proved to be short of morning energy, that very lack of blended with a slice of stress brought out a tiny grumpy Veck demon. The redhead was most likely the only person to witness this side of him often. It was just one of those days. When she came by at eleven in the late morning, he was still wandering about his empty house without having even so much as changed out of his sleepwear.

The two ended up spending their day on Veck's unmade bed, as he drew her into his comatose disposition. But she didn't mind. Oria loved Veck and she loved him a lot. It was something of a lingering new crush, that feeling that excited you whenever you thought of them or had the opportunity to see them. How great it felt that it was only she who understood him, everything he did. Nobody at school ever approached Veck unless it was for a good reason, and it was never a socially inviting one. Not even Veck's own parents could stand him. They were the kind of people who were never home; practically strangers to their own son. If Veck cared about any of that, she was unsure. Contentedness was not something Oria ever got to see much, though she hoped that everyday she helped him experience it even just a little. She just wanted him to be happy.

He was the only person who ever spoke to her for a reason besides the fact she was a pretty face. Veck never gave Oria compliments on her appearance, her theory being that he knew she was sick of them. Maybe he somehow knew she didn't want to be told how beautiful she was on the outside, that she was aware she was an effortlessly gorgeous girl. It was a strange, but it was the most special gift anyone had every given her: silence. And somehow over the course of a year the two had grown a bashful attraction to one another, few conversations needed to portray their feelings for one another. Simply being their was plenty for both of them.

"You have to go. Eat dinner. You can come back when you finish, if you want," Veck replied after a lazy minute or so, his piercing gray-hazel eyes not leaving screen of the television set.

Oria sat up from the pillows, crawling over to the male who was sprawled across the opposite edge of the bed. She turned to him, staring at his unshaven profile. "Come with me. You can eat dinner at my house. My mom's cooking lamb."

"Lamb? Can't she be normal and make chicken or something?"

"No. Shes cooking lamb."

Veck cracked a smile, finally releasing his gaze on the tv. He had a short head of hair, wavy and dark. "It's ok?"

"It's fine."


Nobody who knew who Veck was would realize that he was mischievous, like a Loki. Cold, callous; often stoic beyond belief. 17 years had taught him to play the quiet cards well, and deal them even better.

Veck was a wolf. While he didn't howl at the moon, his eyes said it all. A dangerous soul, no trouble to anyone unless tampered with. He only hunted when he was hungry and he had no master.

Maybe he was the only thing that Oria ever needed in my life, because those dreamy days of lying with him in a haze of innocence were swept away by a cloud of misfortune. She wished how she could have remembered walked home with him that night, but she couldn't. She wished she could remember having his fingers locked in place with her fingers, but she couldn't. Oria just wanted to remember bringing him home to his family to eat, the waft of tender lamb and greens filling their air. The comfortable emotion evoked from a room full of people who loved one another. It was safe, understanding. There weren't any secrets or tragedies.

But fate was the cruelest of measurements. When the sudden flash of headlights erupted in their eyes, it was too late to react.

'At least it didn't take Veck away from me,' Oria thought when everything seemed to fade, 'Because I'd rather have died if he wasn't there when I awoke'.


Later, after what felt like centuries of dreaming, was when the two found themselves huddled in the back of what seemed as ruin. Only the foundations of white brick and stone, blanketed by leaves and ferns and vines, under a dim sky with a sun that had already sunken behind the trees. It was cold in the area, because it was so shaded by trees above them and the houses. It seemed whatever buildings stood here, it was sunken inside of a walled fortress. Not much was left of the wall of deteriorated crumbling stone, being eaten away by green moss however. The soil of the forest floor had already begun to pour over the sides along with the roots of trees, close to the edge of the wall.

Oria panted slowly, muffling her own sobs as best she could while laying in the security of Veck's lap. Everything before now was like a haze to her, the slightest memory was unfocused and faint. All she could comprehend was that he was there and her leg felt shattered.

"Oria, Oria, calm down. We're ok, we're fine. I'm right here so breath deeper. Good. Now, slower," Veck cooed.

The girl shook her head, quivering with fear, "I- I-" She fumbled out of her panicking lips, "I ca- i-it's broken, I think, Veck."

"Yeah." Veck sighed, running his hand over her forehead several times to move the strains of her violent hair from her face. "Yeah, I know. You don't have to walk anywhere. I'll carry you. Just calm down first."

Oria nodded and sucked in deep holds of air at a time. She took her time inhaling and exhaling, taking her a long time before she was calm and prepared to be moved. Her left, lower leg and everything below it was throbbing like a new deepened bruise. But it was going numb and she disliked that feeling. But Veck, keeping it utmost cool about the situation, carefully placed his arms around her waist and with all his might, swiftly brought her off of the ground and against his chest. Even as her leg erupted in sharp pain, she held it in for the fact Veck had it totally under control. At least, he gave off the illusion of control. Oria wished she could do that.

"P-please, Veck. Where are we? I wanna..go home."

At that moment, even in the safest of arms, Oria had never felt so lost. Veck's face scrunched into a look of confusion.

"I...kinda forget...what that is."

So did she. Which begged the question. Where were they? Dead? Was this heaven? Or some kind of very empty hell?

It didn't feel like either.



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Palo Cedro, CA
All My Stories
Posted On: July 4, 2012

All My Stories
Posted On: July 2, 2012
o0o0o, magical with a capital m

I r excite


United Kingdom
All My Stories
Posted On: July 1, 2012
I thought it was amazing.I love your usage of words its completely Magical

All My Stories
Posted On: July 1, 2012
aw thanks

ka ka ka winkkk

Netherlands, The
All My Stories
Posted On: July 1, 2012
Lovely as always Sore.

Can't wait for more.
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