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Hi, my name is aly
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Created: 2006-05-13 09:05:24 All stories by
i hide behind this mask of fear

i cry at night so none can hear

no ones ever seen my pain

no one can ever understand wut its like to b me

i've just made friends

i've started my life

i've just begun 2 settle down

now my life is being captured and replaced somewere new

moving away from all i love..

my boyfriend who is 1 4th of my life..

my best friend forever who is another 4th of my life...

my best friend who always listens is another 4th

and the real me who i am wen i am with them is the last 4th

im am leaving all this behind to start again

my boyfriend will forget me

my best friend forever will regret me

my best friend will forget 2 listen

and the real me will b forgoten like last nights dinner

wen i move away

ill find a whole in wich to stay

ill find a place away from home and all things that remind me of the old me

the best me

the forever me

so tonite dont pity me as i lie awake and cry

for i've never told any who matter

in the day im just the same old me

but wen i think about how they r still with me

i sigh and try 2 sleep

and now i dread the nite

this is for the only true frinds i have.. ty my b/f... sabrina my bff..and travis the only one who really listens and never judges only tries to improve my life

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Posted On: December 1, 2009
dido me movin away 2

11 also

Trinidad And Tobago
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Posted On: July 4, 2008
hey cool o got pain to i am moveing away from the ones who i love to

and i am only 11
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