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Hi, my name is rebel
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Created: 2005-02-25 19:47:48 All stories by
why do people hate each other so much?? What is the difference between each one of us to hate them so much?? i dont think there is a difference besides our point of veiw and what we like and other things like that!! What is wrong with me to hate ?? What is wrong with everybody else to hate them?? I like the way i am and i dont hate me!! Other people should be proud of what god gave them and not hate it so much thers nothing wrong with it!! Why do people want to be so different to hate other people so much?? Hate is a bad thing to say b/c u r saying that you wish for them to die and to burn in HELL!! Why should people even know what the word hate is since is such a bad thing to say to others that get offened by it??? I don't hate anybody i just dislike them a lot!! I wouldn't let them die i would try to help them out even just a little!! You will know when you hate somebody b/c if you saw them in trouble you would just let them die or of you saw them bleeding you would leave them there to die!! so don't hate people plz!!

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