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Hi, my name is three friendz
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girlz forever?

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By weetweet Send DollMailYIM
Created: 2007-08-17 22:52:30 All stories by weetweet
this is a story about three best friends since birth all born in the same hospital and never separated since.well to start off this story the friendz names are(left to right)Niyah,Megan,and me, Lauren(i kno im fabu! lolz) well i would say this is our story but its more like no ones quite yet beacause this is just the prolauge thingy ma bob but hey if ya want a full story click on the other section and the stories section and find teary thats a true story from my heart but yea enjoy that while ya can cuz this story is a new beginning for me!!(go Lauren im way cuter then they are lolz jp vote for Lauren!! lmao im sry ill just stop now )

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Posted On: August 18, 2007
writebrgus sebrebxwe wurg rutw wtwa xjuses. CRAP!!! I was trying to write, "write this sentence with your eyes closed", only of course, I had my eyes closed. DAMMIT!!! I can't touch type!

Lake Saint Louis, MO
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Posted On: August 17, 2007
Your as Hyper as I am!! LOLZ I me think...

Ten minutes later, I don't know I vote LAUREN!! LOL

Keep me updated!

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