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Hi, my name is lauren
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firefly by:breaking benjamin

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By myoxygensgone Send DollMailSend EmailICQAIMYIM
Created: 2005-03-20 15:19:33 All stories by myoxygensgone

You my friend

You're a lot like them

But I caught your lie

And you know I did

Now I'm lost in you

Like I always do

And I'd die to win

'Cause I'm born to lose



Could you shine your light

Now I know your ways

'cause they're just like mine

Now I'm justified

As I fall in line

And it's hard to try

When you're open wide

Take my hand

We'll be off and then

We'll come back again

To a different land

Now I like this way

You can go away

If you guess the name

You cannot replace


Bring me your enemies

Lay them before me

And walk away


f*** you firefly

Have you lost your light

Now I hate your ways

'cause they're just like mine

So you lost my friend

Such a sorry end

Now I don't know why

So I joke and smile

rate and message and tell me if i should put my own lyrics on here!

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