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Hi, my name is rebecca
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Created: 2005-01-30 02:34:04 All stories by
she may look fine but she will never be in her heart

her dreams shattered and everything fell apart

she was attacked by someone she cared for

he thought that she didnt want anything more

she wanted to run she wanted to hide

but all she did was lied

with tears falling from her eyes

she just gave more lies

he stopped and walked away

leaving her with nothing to say

laying there bruises down her arms and chest

she walked home she tried her best

standing on the cement infront of her house

walking in she tried to be as quiet as a mouse

getting to her room she closed her door

but why did he do this what for

she fell back onto her bed

with all these thoughts running through her head

"why didnt i stop him i should have thried

why didnt i stop him i could have died"

years have past

her nightmares will always last

not letting anyone get close

but there is someone she needed most

she had fallen for inlove

she always thought he was an angel from above

he never left her side

she wouldnt let him out of her life

she always pretends to be alright

but she still cries at night

she will only be fine in her heart

as long as they will never be apart

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Clermont, IA
All My Stories
Posted On: April 4, 2005
it'z really good. keep up the poems. plz read mi stories, i'd really appreciate it.
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