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Hi, my name is Reyd
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final fantasy part 3,the fight

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Created: 2004-12-26 20:33:19 All stories by
Reyd awoke to hearing cheering people,fireworks,and laughter in the distance.She sat up and said "Travia..where are we?this isn't the battle grounds..".Reyd said "TRAVIA I'M GOING TO KILL YOU!" Reyd had been sleeping on delphyne by a cliff and she saw Travia meditating by the side of it with her dog Fox. Travia threw Reyd some clothes and said "Reyd your my best friend,it's just a detour we'll get back on the road tomorrow,i just want you to have a little fun before you go ok?" Reyd said "SIGNING UP ENDS IN 4 DAYS SO DON'T U DARE MAKE US LATE" "CHILL OUT "Travia snapped back.Reyd was pacing not even noticing Fox" Fox licked her hand and she said "oh for the love of moogles! you brought the dog?!"Fox whined and Reyd said "i know i know i would miss you ok?"Reyd said "QUIT THE STUPID MEDITATING AND LISTEN TO ME"

Travia stood up and looked at Reyd,she said "This gives you a chance to change your mind,and i'll take him back with me when you go join ok?just calm down"Reyd nodded slowly.Reyd changed into her denim shorts,and her black hoodie top."So...what were you planning?" Travia pointed at a sign and it said "fight tournament". Reyd said "your not serious.." Reyd dismissed delphyne and tied her hair in a black ribbon in one pony tail "i'm just having you unwind "Travia said

.Travia got dressed in her blue shorts,black scarf and blue bikini top.Reyd walked into the town with Travia and they got into the crowd "whats all the fuss about..'Travia raised an eyebrow.Travia and Reyd looked at the center of the town and they saw a samurai swinging his katana at a knight for the tallent show "they've never seen one?"Reyd asked. "No,they are just very rare now adays..." Reyd answered. "he's kinda cute.."Reyd rolled her eyes and said "Not my type" Travia said "i want him"Travia went to the judges and said "i want in,and i wanna challenge him" the judges said in a whisper to Travia "do you wanna die little girl?" "I'M 16 STUPID,and yes i want in " the judges said "fine" "ME TOO!"Reyd said just sign me up i don't care who i go up against. "we don't accept summoners" "well your gonna accept this one"Travia glared at the judge and he said "uh ok.."

Travia got in the middle of the town and she took out her bagknaks. The man Azura came out and he raised an eyebrow. The fight started and Travia was soon worn out ,Azura said "so why did you challenge me" "because-"she was cut off as he sliced at her arm and she winced and limped. Reyd said to someone next to her "isn't anyone gonna stop Azura,he could kill her! Travia's cat bagknaks flew out of her hands and across the ground. She closed her eyes and Reyd ran in front of her as Azura was about to give her one more strike she said "DELPHYNE!!"delphyne appeared and Reyd said "step back now"

i know these are long guys sorry!,part 4 coming soon

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