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Hi, my name is Reyd
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final fantasy part 13

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Created: 2005-01-01 23:39:29 All stories by
Reyd woke up to hearing cheering outside,and Travia doing her usual meditating.Reyd saw Ladia talking in albhed and could hear what it meant from her smile,"gentlemen i have won u have lost good day"the men sat up and soren pulled out his keyblade and the men sat back down glaring at ladia."Me and Soren are thieves,this is what we do"she laughed with Reyd.

Reyd walked up the hill with everyone when she said "wheres the tournament.."Soren silently sliced the tree with his keyblade" "he's a keyblade specialist,has been since he could hold one "Ladia whispered. A huge water crater was in the ground..

Reyd was about to jump in when Travia stopped her,Travia put her foot on the water and said"It's a seal"Reyd rolled her eyes and said "this gets old"she did the dance of the summoners and as she finished th seal broke and she fell through the water screaming and the others laughed

The other swam in behind and Reyd walked intot he stadium and she as automatically dry with the others "where do we sign up.." "You ask a lot of questions"Soren rolled his eyes.A huge crowd formed around the elders ."Sign-up sheets are over there,we start in 10 minutes the reward we cannot say"Reyd squeezed Travia's hand and she smiled.

Reyd fought the hardest she had ever fought"MUST GET SPHERE"she kept telling her self,a fiend jumped at her and she held up her staff but Soren pulled off his red cloak and blocked it with his keyblade he walked off smiling to him self "show off"she muttered.he summoners will have to do faceoffs,so all helpers are cut off "the eldars yelled Huge bars landed in front of Travia,Soren, and Ladia "who the hell do you think you are"Ladia snapped.

Reyd fought hard and many times Soren was biting his nails and then gripping the bars mumbling "let me in.." Ladia said "You got your self a crush"elbowing him . Travia turned to Soren and suddenly pushed him against the bars and said "Hurt her and i hurt you,i've gotten really hurt before and i am not saying Reyd is weaker but she can't take being hurt if i can't"Soren gulped

"I don't even like h-"he was cutt off as suddenly bars appeared around each individual summoner "We shall take their aeons to help Galandia!"The elders said suddenly turning into Pyreflies and into fiends.

Reyd whimpered and sat in the bars.Travia screamed.

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