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Hi, my name is Reyd
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final fantasy part 12

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Created: 2004-12-27 00:54:02 All stories by
Reyd and the girls were going inside the temple,Soren was ten minutes late and he glared at Reyd.The elders welcomed her and she got to work.

Reyd did her praying and said "I still have no clue where it's at..".Travia pointed to a sign

that said "Citadale tournament" "Is it possible that's the answer to your prayers"Ladia grinned and jumped up and down.Reyd said "I think so.."with a sly smile."All summoners must have the next summon.."the elder pointed at the small print on the bottom of the paper "Guess its not the answer to our prayers.."Reyd sighed and sat down. "You can get the aeon here.."The elder said gently. Reyd's eyes sparkled and stood up" I shall be back later guys"and Reyd ran into the summoning room.Three housr passed and it was 6pm,the sun was going down and Ladia came up the hill panting with tea and sandwhiches.They sat inside the temple on a bench near the steps,Soren went to take a bite of his sandwhich when Reyd came out of the summoning room,her clothes were very sweaty and her hair was very wet,tears fell down her eyes and she fell down the steps. Travia and Soren let her fall in their arms and one of the elders said "It is done.

Delphyne flew everyone back to the battle fields,Travia was carrying Reyd to her tent and she heard a whistle.She was drawn to it "Put her in the tent"she muttered giving Reyd to Soren.He gave a small nod and placed Reyd down she said "no...stop...SQUIRRELS"he laughed and sat by her bed holding her hand as Reyd was still shaking from the summoning .Ladia came in the room and he quickly let go of it. Ladia said "what were you doing..""Nothing"he rolled his eyes and said "Come on"and walked out of the tent.

Meanwhile Travia followed the whistle she heard in the trees,she saw Azura.She ran towards him hugging him saying "I didn't think i would see you again..don't do that again"she punched him playfully he smiled and suddenly he changed into a werewolf again,Travia suddenly woke up from the horrible dream crying her eyes out.

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