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Hi, my name is Reyd
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final fantasy part 10

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Created: 2004-12-26 19:59:18 All stories by
The ship continued to move and Reyd flew across the table into the kitchen screaming.Travia got up to help her but Azura gripped her arm he said "Travia...there may be a time where i hurt you if you have to i want you to fight it?..i'm sorry in advance" "what are you talking about"Travia said.Azura kissed her for the first time and ran out of the room.Travia stood there speechless and ran to get Reyd with Ladia.

pots were falling everywhere and Travia helped Reyd up with Ladia."the captain is in trouble come on!"Ladia yelled.The girls ran on deck and saw the captain was no where to be found,and a huge storm was brewing and water was filled up the ship.Reyd ran to the steering wheel while Ladia and Travia tried to get the water out of the ship."GRAVITY!!"Ladia screamed doing a spell but it didn't work.Cargo flew everywhere and Travia ran up to Reyd "we have to swim our way out of here"Ladia came up beside Travia and said "you guys can swim right?" "Yeah"Travia and Reyd said in unison .Ladia said ok hold on,she took Travia and Reyd's hand and with a flash of light they were in the ocean swimming for their lives,Travia took one last look behind her and saw a wolf howling on the ship "It can't be..."

Fortunately the girls didn't have very far to swim,and the waters calmed down.Morning soon came and Reyd woke up in the warm beach sand and saw a sign that said "Battle grounds".She smiled and then fainted back in the sand.

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