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Hi, my name is Reyd
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final fantasy 14

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Created: 2005-01-02 01:53:49 All stories by
The eldars said "Welcome to the show,you of these summoner's holds the aeon we need..if they go blue they have it if they glow green they don't"Soren hit the bars and nothing happened.Travia and Ladia winced as the summoners were knocked out by a special spell,but rReyd was the last to go fully unconscious she stared at Soren,Ladia and Travia as her eyes closed."Proceed"the eldar said another elder,the elder did a spell and all the girls glowed green except for Reyd."Ah excellent" the elder smiled and said she could be of use...not just the aeon.Travia gripped her fists and screamed "STOP!PLEASE ,WE HAVE POWER ITS NOT JUST HER" "but we need her" the eldars grinned

"Reyd didn't wake and she rose higher and higher off the ground glowing more blue and suddenly she collapsed,dripping with sweat.Soren hit the bar again and it broke He ran out the bars and grabbed Reyd.

Travia and Ladia headed out and screamed "SOREN!"Soren gave Reyd over to Ladia and she nodded,Ladia ran for the entrance but one of the eldars grabbed Reyd.Ladia screamed as the man got on his purple dragon and flew off with Reyd.One of the eldars grabbed Travia and took her too a room,he tried to strike her and Travia dodged it she was soon cornered and so was Ladia and Soren was surrounded by other eldars.Travia closed her eyes when a loud snap,Azura was in front of her and said to the eldar "Drop your sword"

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