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Hi, my name is Reyd
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fiinal fantasy part 8,journey continues

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Created: 2005-02-19 00:16:21 All stories by
Reyd and Travia never stopped running,but Travia kept looking behind her. "WE HAVE TO DO SOMETHING REYD". "He'll be ok,trust him"Reyd said.Travia said "i hope so....i haven't come across a guy like him in a long time.."The galandia gates could be seen in the distance,and Reyd said "here i come dad!"

Travia paced the room while Reyd slept soundly with her head on the counter."wake up we don't know if hes ok"Travia shook Reyd and Reyd said "chill out....its only beeen 5 minutes.."" 2 HOURS REYD ,2 HOURS!"Azura came through the door letting a rush of air come in the room "sorry i'm late guys" "We could have helped you fight the wolves"Travia said with a frown.

The waitress said "did you say wolves?we haven't had wolves around here for 10 years" . Travia pulled Azura aside "I can feel it ..your hiding something aren't you?" Azura shook his head"don't worry...what we need to worry about now is where to get the sphere"Travia nodded and glanced over at Reyd,who had already fallen asleep with her head on the counter again.Travia chuckled and helped her to the hotel across the street.

Reyd woke up the next morning with Fox sleeping next to her.Reyd pet his head and walked down the stairs of the hotel into the pub area. She sat down with her eyes still closed drinking tea.Reyd had her head on the counter and she heard a loud thud.She opened her eyes and saw a girl "I asked you if you wanted a re-fill" "Geeze ok ok sure "Reyd snapped.The waitress had a dagger strapped to her belt "Don't see that very often..."Reyd raised an eyebrow. "i'm sorry..i was rude,my name is Ladia...where are you headed miss?". "

I'm Reyd,i'm looking for something..a's near the battlefields i think". Ladia's eyes went big,she pushed some drinks aside and said "please take me with you".Reyd said "uh....why" "I hate being stuck in this godforsaken town...and i would work i would do whatever its don't come across a lot of travelers around here...actually never..please you could be my way out"Reyd said " i uh...i don't know.""Listen i just want you to help me get to the battlefields,ill leave you then if you want i wanna find my brother Soren..he went missing a few days ago". Travia and Azura came into the room and said "are we going yet.." Reyd got in a huddle and whispered with Travia and Azura.They nodded and Reyd put out her hand to Ladia "welcome to the team "she grinned

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