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Hi, my name is Bianca
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dont pressure me

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Created: 2004-12-22 17:02:39 All stories by
Dont Pressure Me

When we met I was so happy. You did things that made me laugh and feel great.

When you leave me and dont come back I cry so much it hurts inside. I almost feel like I'm going to die.

When you come back I am happy. I jump into you're arms and hold you tight thinking if i do this you wont leave me again.

When we talk about whats been going on since last time we were together you do things I dont like.

When you came back I didnt see why you wanted to do this.

when you came back you asked me why?

When you came back I told you why and you didn't listen.

When you came back I told you to leave. you didnt say anything. As I stood there I felt good about what i had done.

After a few months I started to think of you and how you lit me up and kept me guessing.

After I left you I cried. I kept thinking what had i done?

It just so happened that you wanted me back too, so we got back together.

when we got back together everything got better and got more romantic. I even found myself opening up to new things.

Then you asked me the same question. I told you no, you were sad and asked me why?

I told you not to pressure me about something like that, it's too soon.

You still didnt listen so i left you alone.

Yet again I missed you like crazy, crying, sobing and wishing i hadent done the same mistake.

I tried to shake it off with things I liked but then one day you asked me out, and I said yes without even thinking.

Now we are closer as ever and now I am becomming even more open to new things. then you asked me again

"do you want to do it with me?"



" listen, I dont want to do that. I would Feel ashamed and I would be Depressed and besides I'm too young and you would probably leave me."

" no I wouldnt and Hello! there is the rubber!"

"NO! I dont want to take that risk. Ask me when I'm 21."

After that you had finally listened and you hadn't asked me again. Yes we goof off about that but please Do Not Pressure Me because I might leave you and not come back at all.

~Don't Pressure Me~

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