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Hi, my name is Alice
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Created: 2005-02-19 11:20:03 All stories by
This is a great song by Raven Symone!

Alice lives in a place that I am evious of.

Yellow Dragons, violet cats, and black talking purple knobs

She steps on anythign that might get in her way of home


Alice had love but she pushed all of her people away

She felt as if she was alone, distant, ugly afraid.

She didn't know her life was already made.

You're loved and you will find , soemone with your frame of mind

SO if you'd be so kind not to cross that line.

Fall into a world where everything is flipped where

you fly to swim and fly to drive

Fly with me in the sea, swim with me in the breeze

Drive with me on the clouds, fly with me on the ground

Follow me into my rabbit hole I'll show you everything I've been told

and I'll lead you into a land unknow where happiness is grown

I live in a world that Alice woudl be envious of

Everybody's mind is closed.

There falls a white dove

Find you treasured feather and you better treat it right

Petals can unfold at one time or at the drop of a dime

With tragic reds and joyus reds of a blue yesterday

it makes me crazy to hear of your purple yellow haze.

Alice had it great!

I want to be like her someday in a world where every thing is flipped

and people are stuck in a maze!

Fly with me in the sea, swim with me in the breeze, drive with

me on the clouds

Fly with me on the ground

Follow me into my rabbit hole, and I'll show everything I've been told.

I'll lead you to a land unkown where happiness is grown

Fllyyy fllyy flly!

Drivveee drivvee!

Swiimmm Swimm!

Flyy flyy!

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