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Hi, my name is a dinna gurl
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a dinna gurl

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By a_little_diamond Send DollMail
Created: 2006-09-03 10:14:35 All stories by a_little_diamond
Once a upon a time lived a little girl called sam and her widow father. They lived in san frisco. I was his best friend and he was mine. We did everything together and he owned the biggest dinna. Every felt like family at his dinna. All the people that worked there would care for me. it was ma birthday, all ma friends , my family. "Make a wish princess,"says Roza. She was one of the workers that looked after me alot, she felt like a 2nd mom to me but why do i need a wish for i had everything. As i blow out ma candle and m dad takin photos of me until a women walked into him and he thought i need one more thing Fiona. At the weddin i had to wear a horrible dress while ma two step sisters reanna and garbrella had these fancy dresses but they were horrible too but thats wat they wanted. We went for our photo, Fiona dropped her flowers i bent down to get them snap as the photographer toke the photo. Fiona said,"one will do". i wasnt in it. if ma dad was happy with her then i was happy for him. At night time ma dad read one of ma fairy tales story, we had a laugh but that was a last. On that night we had the san frisco earthquake, Fiona was shoutin help for him. I said,"don't go". he said," ill be right back". As ma hand slipped out of his hand ma princess castle fell to the ground and smashed. He neva came back. i lost ma best friend that day.

Since there was no consent form Fiona got the house, the dinna and .. me. She put me in the attic as ma bedroom. I should of used that wish to make ma dad stay alive until he was grey and old. i go everywhere where we went to give me fun memories but its not the same.

10 years later

I live as a slave for Fiona and i go to skool n have to work at the dinna. im sleepin at the computer until ma little tell me wat to do monitor wakes me up with fiona big gob tellin me to make her breakfast. I make her breakfast n she tells me to go to the dinna and work even though ive got a big test on at skool. Well i did do her orders until roza told me to go to skool n she'll sort fiona. I ran to the car to pick up ma best mate btw he is a boy who is an acter. He came out with a zip do outfit but i told him to change so he did.

They went to skool to get a parkin space but the poular gurls got in it before her. Another car came out but the kwlest guy in the whole skool called Austin ames got in before them. All the popular ppl made fun of her and called her dinna gurl but austin ames never.

later she got a message on her phone it was the guy she met on the princeton doll palace chat.

On sam's phone.

i havent spoken to u in ages.

On Nomad phone.

We spoke the mornin

On sams phone.

well i think mr parsley has disected one to many frogs.

Sam looks at him.

On Sams phone.

Ribet Ribet.

On nomad phone.


On sams phone.

i'd love to hear ure voice, when can we finally meet.

Skool bell rings.

On Nomad phone.


Nomad was actually Austin Ames.

Later in the day they went on the computer n went on the princeton dollpalace chat.

Nomad:Hows ure day so far

Sam:Bossy step mom, sisters that cant get over there selfs, u

Nomad:well ma dad has ma whole life planned which i dont wanna do.

Sam:Ma father told me to persude ma dreams.

Nomad: Only if i could but he wont listen to me.

Sam: Do u think we've ever met each other.

Nomad:well theres over 3000 ppl at skool, we'll i could elimate the guys.

Nomad:Ure not a guy write cos if u are ill kick ure butt.

Sam:im not a guy.

later at night at home.

Sam:Hey its 2 in the mornin. we've been at this for 5 hours.

Nomad:Well it looks we've broke our record.

Sam:we betta give in.




Nomad:i can't stop think about u :types a poem:

Sam:very inpressive.

Nomad:me at the homing comen dance


She went to the prom with her best friend.

She looked like a real Princess with a mask.

Austin was there too, He looked like a prince.

They met under the disco ball at 11pm.



Sam:don't u know who i am.

Austin:Ur princetongurl the one ive been waitin to see.

Austin:mmmm...Wats ure name

Sam:...This was a bad mistake im goin.

Austin: plz dont go ive been waitin to see u.

They went outside to dance in the little proche

Sam:theres no music

Austin:it dont matter

as they dance ppl with instruments started to play.

Then they were about to kiss, Sams phone alarm went off

Sam:not now

Austin:where u goin


Austin:Come back plz

As she ran she saw her best friend kissin one of the popular girl.

Sam grabbed his hand n they ran to the car but her mobile fell on the stairs.

Sam and Austin had won the prince n princess crown.

Austin ran after her and grabbed herself and ran outside but she was gone.

They had to get back to the dinna before her step mom n her step sisters.

she managed to get there in time.

Her sister found that she was talkin to Austin Ames, and Reanne and Gabirella told the popular girls she had this big plan to get Austin to go out with her but they lied to the girls.

At the big rugby festival they put a play on n they went "GIVE IT TO DINNA GIRL SAM MONGOERY" .

Sam started to cry her eyes out as everyone shouted dinna gurl,dinna gurl.

Austin turned round n looked her for a sec then turned around. he was angry wat she the super hot popular gurl had done .

Everyday ppl called her dinna gurl but she never cared.At the rubgy game she went into the boys room walked all way down to the bottom were Austin was.

Sam:dont say a word, even though i have no house, no job and no money for college i feel sorry for u


all the boys went oooooo,Austin hut the cabinets.

Her best friend came up to her n said that roza said u need a cheer up.

they went and watched the rubgy cos if they went somewhere her friend would miss it so they went.

the fighting frogs which was there skool was winnin everyone started shoutin austin austin austin.

Sam:i can't take this im sorry, i thought i could.

carl:should i come too

Sam:no who is gonna tell u how it ended

Carl: thats true ill see ya in a while

Austin looked at the crowed n saw sam walkin he looked at his team

Austin:sorry guys

The team:wat austin.

He ran across the pitch n told his friend sittin on the bench he was to go on.


Austin:no dad im throwin away ures

Austin ran all the way up the stair to Sam

Sam:Austin ure soposed to be playin.

Austin: no i'm not

They kissed and it had a heavy rainstorm since there was a drought

even though i kissed Austin and became his girlfriend i also got a terrible cold,as i was pickin up ma stuff i picked up a book that ma dad read to me at nights . Something fell out of it, it was a form i owned everything the house, the dinna and everything. Isold the car for money for ma college, i got ma dads cafe back into shape and ma partner that looked after it was roza.I went to Princeton college with ma prince charmin Austin well at the moment.


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Staten Island, NY
All My Stories
Posted On: September 14, 2006
yea thats the same as the movie "a cinderella stry" but it was ok
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