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Hi, my name is Alice
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Why I Hurt

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Created: 2005-03-17 11:53:36 All stories by
Ever since she was little people could tell she was going to be this way..Alice was a 13 year old goth who was misunderstood by everyone but her very few friends and her boyfriend.She had short brown hair and dark hazel eyes.Even in school dress code she wore something black.A black sweater and black eyeshadow.The immeture(sp?) boys always made rude comments, she even hated one boy name John.Once he made a comment that broke her heart.He told one of her friends to move and Alice told her not to"hey Alice,its calling Sunlight,use it!"all the boys started laughing.Her fav.bands where Slipknot and Murderdolls.She loved her friends,but she loved her boyfriend the most,italways seemed like he knew how she felt and he wasnt even gothic.Thats why she loved him.Her parents always hoped that she would grow out of the goth,but she never wanted to,she thought she was difernent,thats why she got into it,she wanted to be different.Alice thinks that her life is hard but its only the beginning,maybe,just maybe it will get better....

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