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Hi, my name is Emily the Strange
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Wanna Lick?-9 (part 1)

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By chibichan_93 Send DollMail
Created: 2013-03-17 16:42:39 All stories by chibichan_93
Part 9

May 22nd, 2009

A lot happened yesterday and to be honest, I needed a night to sleep on it all before telling the whole world.

“This place is thee sh*t,” I leaned over to tell Luke, seeing as how the music was loud enough to burst a humans ear drums. I was highly impressed how well the vamps can throw a party, but Luke’s expression and tensed jaw said otherwise. He does seem like the type to avoid these kinds of loud monstrosities (his word not mine). I’m a vampire, or rather soon to be, and I’m at a club! I wanna celebrate and dance!!

“Let’s dance!” To prevent him from rejecting the idea, I manage to muster up some of my new strength to drag him to dance floor. Blue and red lights hovered over the club making their rounds to shine on everyone. No vulgar dancing from girls that could be mistaken for prostitutes, only beautiful vampires dancing with hypnotic movements and seducing the eye. The very sight could make a person think they’ve been transported to a heavenly hell.

“Emily, I think we should-.” Nope, not letting him ruin this. You’re just going to have to hang tight buster and enjoy the ride. I shimmy close enough to him we feel the non-existent heat (after all vampires are cold) between our bodies, but far enough it’s a teasing temptation.

Before long I was working up a sweat, and my body was over flowing with ecstatic electricity, as if heightened. Weird, must be a vampire thing. Talk about a natural high.

As Luke and I strode off the dance area, Luke masterfully whispered in my ear quiet enough no one else could hear but loud enough I could hear it over the music.

“Emily, you are going to be the death of me one day.” A grin creeps through my lips knowing he was referring to the fact that our bodies were all but on fire. Never had I felt so many things at once and to such a magnitude, to boot. It felt like a trance of seduction.

“You don’t even know.” Luke smiles in a way that he more than understands the meaning behind my words. I’d like to meet the person who ever said life sucks. Life is from sucking, with the exception of blood that is.

Taking my hand, which by the way only made me smile wider, Luke led me past the bar and gestured to a booth in the far corner that sat four individuals. Two women that were the definition of vampire groupies sat on either of a more polished refined looking man. My first guess would have been lawyer; maybe a thousand years old give or take, even if he looks like a 37 year old hottie that just walked out of the television show, Criminals.

The fourth individual was defiantly a vampire, and by the looks of it she lived through the 50s at least and looks to be early thirties. She held a graceful poise, which I applaud her for. I couldn’t be graceful or sit still for more than 5 minutes.

“Ah, my brother, how long has it been? A century? Two? Sit please” Brother?! What? A smile is plastered on the man’s face but holds a hint of provocation. As we sat the tension doubled.

“One and half century to be exact, Mitchelle” Luke replied. Mitchelle…defiantly a 16th or 18th century name. I noticed a change in his stance and voice. More in control, more knowledgeable than he leads on, and with a curtain over his emotions.

“So what do I owe to this pleasure of seeing you after so long? I must say we were beginning to miss you.” If I ever heard someone provoking another or teasing the lion with a mouse, it would be now.

“Let’s cut to the chase, Mitchelle. You know why I’m here, and it’s not by choice. Seeing as how you have a spot on the council still, you were the only one I could think of that still held no grudge.”

“Don’t I? You left leaving quite the stir. It took everything I had to convince them you’re not a threat.”

“I realize this—,”Luke begins but is quickly cut off. By now I’m all sorts of confused and feel like there’s more than Luke led on. Shouldn’t be surprising considering I barely know the guy.

“And yet you come to me for help. And by the looks of it you have been pretty busy. If you intend to cause trouble or start a revolution, I cannot guarantee your safety, brother.” The last word was practically spit out.

“I swear on my word,” Luke intently looks Mitchelle in the eyes, “I do not have any plans against the council, as long as they don’t step in where they’re not needed like last time...” Now my curiosity is peeked and like heck if I’m going to keep my mouth shut.

“What happened last time?” Every eye averted to me as if they had only just realized I’m here. Gee, glad I know I’m acknowledged around here. The silenced woman who previously seemed enticed by the bumbling idiot girls drooling over the vampires spoke up.

“How well do you really know you’re like, friend here?” The question was clearly intended for me and was regarding Luke.

“Vivi--.” Luke tried to cut in, but she had none of that.

“Your friend, Nicholai, made the decision so long ago to leave the council. The council took as a threat of betrayal and worried he would create either an opposing council or an army to take them down. After all, Nicholai,” She turns to Luke. “If you truly wished it, you could easily have been the high ruler of the council, couldn’t you have?” A silence too eerie and tense for my taste swept over the table.

“No,” Luke finally responded but in a more defeated tone. “I was not suited for the council, or in any way equipped to be a ruler.” I tried to take this in.

“Sooo, your name isn’t Luke?”

“A nickname I picked up over time.” Luke, or rather Nicholai, sounded cautious as if waiting for me to leave or throw a fit.

“And I wasn’t just turned by any vampire, but by a vampire so bada** he could have taken over the freakin world? Holy Crow.” I pondered this for a moment.

“Emily, I’m sorry I didn’t tell y--.”

“That’s so freaking awesome! Except me not knowing your real name,” I take the moment to glare at him and am satisfied to see his guilt for lying. “I still don’t see why we’re, or rather I’m here.” I’m almost waiting for a ‘you’re the chosen one’ or a ‘your part of an army’ type deal. Mitchelle speaks up to answer my question. Finally.

“The reason you’re here is because you’re a problem. The only way I was able to convince the council Luke,” he humored me. “Is by making a deal. H has his freedom so as long as he doesn’t not turn anybody. So you can see where you come into the picture.”

“I swear to you Emily, I will not let any harm to come to you. I will be sure to that.” Luke’s serious eyes captivated mine, and whatever fear I may have had would have disappeared without a doubt. Funny, how someone can trust a stranger so much. The Vivi woman once more spoke up, shattering whatever moment we had.

“Nicholai, you know very well our position on the council, but you’re also our brother. We will help in any way we can, on a condition. When we need your help, we expect you to do the same.” It wasn’t a question but a demand. Luke nods in agreement.

“You have my word. Now, if you don’t mind, I need a bit air. We will take our leave.”

“Till we meet again.” Mitchelle reaches out a hand to shake and Luke reluctantly takes it. Vivi on the other hand focuses her attention back to the two groupies and entices them to submit to her hunger. The tension was gone almost as quickly as had left the club. Thank god, it was worse than being a child in the middle of a divorce disagreement. As rare as it is, I will myself to be silent and give Luke, Nicholai, to ponder and think. I really need to stick to a name, geesh.

To think, a council of the oldest, experienced and powerful vampires, after us. Luke better have a plan.

To sum up the rest, we slept in hotel we previous night and slept, or rather I did. The morning after he looked like death. No pun intended.

Not enough space, ill have to make a part two to this.Told you a lot happened

To be continued,


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