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Hi, my name is Emily the Strange
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Wanna Lick?-7

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By chibichan_93 Send DollMail
Created: 2013-03-17 16:37:01 All stories by chibichan_93
Part 7

May 20, 2009

Sorry, kiddos. I'm back. Where did I leave off? Oh that's right, we were on our way to meet the head honchos of the vamps.

Okay, so it's been exactly three days since I left home and am currently spending the night in a hotel room with a seriously hot guy. So what's the matter with me? Well, let's make a list. Every little sound rings in my ears, my vision is suddenly so strong that it makes me dizzy, and my energy is zapped from me during the day hours.

Not to mention the mark on my neck started tingling.

"Ugh," I keep telling my wimpy self to just suck it up, but I just want it all to go away so bad.

"It'll get better soon. You'll get used to it all in about a day or so." His voice and eyes were sympathetic and impulsively I leap forward attaching myself to him. I lean my head into his shoulder hoping to drown out the sounds.


For several moments he remained frozen until he finally thawed out enough to bring his arms in around me. Then things changed. One second it was feel sorry for the newb, next it was a smoldering hot welcome.

Those strong arms that could fool you by appearance pulled me closer. Surprised I looked up and I knew then that someone had turned up the heat. Visions of his clenched jaw finally letting go and his lips taking mine left me breathless.

So close. Breath with Breath, lips grazing lips. Reality seemed to take a back seat for the most part. As usual Luke was a gentleman, waiting.

"Kiss me?" Without further hesitation we rushed to greet each other with a hunger deeper than food. My fingers laced themselves around the rough of his hair whereas his wondered over my waist and back. It seemed to be going splendid till I began working my fingers over the top button to his flannel shirt.

D@mn reality decided to swoop back in control. Luke immediately froze and snatched my fingers, inhaled a deep breathe, and then got up. Stunned and speechless I watched his back disappear into the bathroom and heard the door lock when he slammed it.

Oh boy.

Resisting the new feeling that stung my chest I crawled back into the covers of the bed and curled up like I did when I was five. I can put this aside . . . for now.

Later kiddos,


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