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Hi, my name is Tiffy McTadpole
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Visiting a time long since gone{One shot}

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By XFighting_Tears133965X Send DollMail
Created: 2013-05-15 18:55:29 All stories by XFighting_Tears133965X
The doors creaked as she pushed them open, peering inside the dark, shadowed interior. Dust clung to the surface of everything and their air smelled stale and musty. The curtains were drawn over the vast windows throughout the front hall and this cast everything in dreary shadows. Stepping inside, Tiffy removed her sunglasses and glanced around the place she had once called home. The Palace was abandoned now, left to rot and decay in neglect with no one around to take care of it. She stepped further inside and listened to nothing but silence.

She longed for the sound of laughter and yelling. She longed to see someone, anyone, running down one hall or another. She wished she could hear Erin and Lee or Shannon and Allora or any of the other girls she had become close to while they inhabited the same home. She ventured through the familiar halls, glancing around at the forgotten pictures and posters that hung up, now curling and falling away from the tape that once held them in place. Glass cases where various weasel-defense weapons had been stored were empty, holding nothing but spiderwebs now. She ran her fingers along the once polished silver casing that supported the glass and sighed deeply.

Turning swiftly to her left she ventured up the grand stairs that led to the sleep quarters the girls had created, her footsteps were muffled by the dingy carpeting that had once shimmered beautifully in sunlight. Some doors were open, some were closed. She peered into the open rooms, hoping to run into one of her friends who had also decided to return to reminisce about the past, but no one was there. She was alone in the once grand palace. The one place she knew she could run away to when ever there was trouble. She stopped outside a familiar door that had many things carved into the wood. Pushing it open, she looked into the room that had once been hers. There was nothing in there to remind her of her old life while living at The Palace. There were a few scattered Sour Patch Kids bags and a Mountain Dew bottle below the window; glancing to her right she saw a picture of Zach she had used for target practice one day.

She laughed despite herself and sat on the floor where her bed had once been. She remembered what it had been like, moving everything out of this place, watching as all her friends scattered to the winds, searching for their own destinies. She too had found her destiny, though it was nothing like she ever thought it would be. She had fallen in love and grown up, working hard to make her life right with the man she loved. She wondered if any of the other girls had found what they were looking for the day they left.

An overturned box caught her attention and she tentatively reached over to peer at what was inside of it. She laughed and pulled out doodles and old writing pieces she had forgotten in the move. A drawing of Lee locked in combat with the Weasel, another of Erin riding a Unicorn into battle, one of all the girls sitting around a table during a very intense game of Go Fish. Tears sprung to her eyes as she replaced the things inside the box and stood from her place on the floor. She headed back down stairs, setting the box down and making her way out the back into the expansive courtyard.

The grass was overgrown and full of weeds and different wild flowers. The woods behind The Palace seemed dark and foreboding, no longer welcoming as they had been in the years before. Perhaps it was because when the girls all left, they took their characters with them, depriving the wilderness of any life and love. She ventured forward, stopping a tall tree just a few yards away from the forests edge.

"Hello!" She called into the shadows. "Is anyone out there?" There was no answer to her plea. No one stepped forward to greet her or comfort her. She leaned heavily against the tree, slightly comforted by the familiarity of the rough bark against her skin. Tears trickled down her face and she brushed them away with the back of her hand. Her family, the family she love so dearly, had broken apart. She made her way back inside The Palace and took one last look around.

"No..." She murmured. "We may not be together any more...but we're still a family. A family until the bitter end." Grabbing her box she stepped back out into the sunlight, pulling the doors shut on the dark home once again.

Member Comments  

All My Stories
Posted On: November 18, 2013
ugh boo. BOO. why cant things last forever?'

(ps do you know how LONG it took me to figure out my super simple password???)


United Kingdom
All My Stories
Posted On: July 4, 2013
Nice x

All My Stories
Posted On: May 18, 2013
Amazing, Tiffy. Just amazing.

- Peggie. xox

Winston Salem, NC
All My Stories
Posted On: May 17, 2013
I totally feel you Tiffy...

I love the last part. : )
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