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Hi, my name is Roxi
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Created: 2007-07-04 14:43:21 All stories by
Hmmm...what to write.

Roxi is a lonely witch. Her only friend lives in New Zealand and is afraid of popular people. She tries to make herself known by making ingenious new spells and potions, but everyone ignores her. One day she recived an email from the friend in New Zealand asking if she wanted to go to a cat convention. Roxi loves cats and has 3 at home. She gladly said yes, and got on a plane to go there. Roxi lives in England and New Zealanders questioned her accent. Roxi noticed this little cat on the path and picked it up. She named it Shanie. It instantly liked her.This cat was different then all other species because it saved a lot of labour. Shanie could fetch ingredients for Roxi, when one of her other cats were sick Shanie nursed them, and her magic sneeze bought it to life. Roxi showed it to a person at the convention and said "This is a new era! Bring in the media! You're going to be famous!" So they did. Roxi had to do a lot of interviews.

That's part 1. See back here soon to see if ive written part 2!

~~PArt 2~~

Roxi got her fame all right. People were buying purple hats, dresses, dyed their hair black and red shoes. Everyone wanted to be like her!! But the first thing she did was go along to the popular people, and stood up for herself. She made them all turn into thongs and sold them. She was even more famous than Madonna! But them a really big blow came. Someone invented a robot that could do all that Shanie did. She only had 15 minutes of fame. but at least she got rid of the popular people.

~~PArt 3~~

Roxi kept Shanie.And her other cats. I didn't really mention them. Here's their profile.

Yells. Boy. Called that because he yells all the time

Girl. Girl. Roxi didn't know what to call her so its just Girl or Girly.

Calvin. Boy. Very into music. Composes his own.

Calvin is based on a real person who writes songs. I'm a fan of him and I couldn't think if a name and im listening to a song of his...

Buuut, back to the story.

And the last cat is Shanie.

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Posted On: November 12, 2007
wow lol good lucy!
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