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Hi, my name is Jessica
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By SeiraOrangePearl2 Send DollMail
Created: 2014-04-12 09:20:46 All stories by SeiraOrangePearl2
I can't believe here I am...... walking to someone I don't love. No the person I love is sitting out there...... cheering me on. How could he just sit there as I walk to the person I will be forced to love? We...... we had something where did it go? what happened to us? Serena. that's what happened she sat there next to him hugging his arm his sweet eyes bore into me I wanted to turn around and run to him while he stood at the entrance waiting for me his arms wide open welcoming me as I cried "Who do you love?" the man in white asked "Alex" I said a room full of gasp the man looks at me surprised "Did you not say yes to this man?" tears rolled down my cheeks "I did but this man I do not love" I said my father grabs my arm I scream in pain "You will marry him" he spat "No!" I said "I want Alex!" Alex stood up and walked over to us he pulled my fathers hand off of my arm as I turned to tears in his arms "I'm sorry! I am! Yell at me! Hit me! Punish me!" I begged he hugged me we both knew he wouldn't do that to me "Please" I begged through tears "Leave a mark on me make me yours" he said nothing "Alex!" I yelled at him "Please! at lest speak to me!" he kissed me I wrapped my arms around his neck his arms around my waist "I was never mad at you" he said softly I just sobbed falling to my knees taking him with me "Alex...." I whispered slowly falling asleep in the warmth of his body the strength of his arms supporting my body his slow calm breathing making a smooth lullaby for me I felt his pick me up my father yelling at Alex as we left I loved him and only him...... a while ago my best friend Nadia tried to take him away and his sister Lilly did also every time I cried I had told him I wanted to be the one to have his child no one else but me. Only me. I barley woke up "Alex?" I whispered "Yes... its ok your ok now" he says I pull my head to his chest and smile "I love you" I said and reached my body up and kissed his cheek but instead I kissed his neck he smiled at me and kissed my forhead he set my down on a bed and went to leave I pulled his hand back to me "D........ Don't leave me again" I begged starting to fall asleep again he sat on the edge "I wont" he said "Ever again" soon I woke up Alex was asleep I curled up to him yes. This is how I wanted it to be just me and him like it always has been then we hear screaming by now Alex was awake.....

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