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Hi, my name is Amber + Kristy
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True Friends

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Created: 2005-02-23 20:04:25 All stories by
It was 3 of us and as we all know 3's acrowd.Mine and Kristy's Friendship was the strongest of all three, I dont know why we just had a lot in common. At that time we were both really into boys. Our other friend though had a crush but wasnt 'in' to them. Me and Kristy both had a crush I had Aiden and she had Tye. Ufortunatly the guy our other friend had a crush was Tye. But Tye liked Kristy, they ended up going out while with me and Aiden it wasnt official but it was a sure thing.

One day during Gym our teacher was picking people to do stuf for basketball. You'd stand up if you thought the person could do it but if you were wrong you'd have to run roung the gym 5 times. All of a sudden he called me up to fake a foul shot. I went up and looked over to see who was standing up for me. There was.....

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