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Hi, my name is Trixie
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Trixie's Big Move (pt.2)

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By daddysgrl_0418 Send DollMail
Created: 2006-11-22 01:42:34 All stories by daddysgrl_0418

Today was the day....the day when Trixie had to go out and meet everyone in the community. Trixie was already feeling welcome because all the neighborhood people welcomed her family when they moved there. She especially felt welcome by her cute new neighbor. His name was John and he was 15. He was tall, maybe about 5'11'', tan, and had gorgeous green eyes and brown messy hair, what her mom called the 'mop'. He was really muscled out and buff and very HOTT!! Trixie figured he was just being friendly when he trotted over to her yard from across the road, then she noticed the way he was looking at her, and she knew he wasn't checking out the yard. He smiled at her as he passed, taking the peach cobbler to her mom, then he made his way back towards her.

"Hi,'' he smiled, revealing perfect pearly whites. ''I'm John. I live across the road and my mom sent me over with the welcoming gift. She's leader of the 'welcome wagon'."

Trixie knew he was teasing her with that last one."Yeah," she giggled, "I'm Trixie. I'm from California. We had to move here because I'm going to be my soon-to-be niece's or nephew's godmother."

"Cool.....Wait a second!! Are you saying YOU didn't wannna move to the 'styx'??"

Trixie knew he was teasing her and she suddenly felt entirely overdressed. She blushed.

"Maybe...But they never told me Southern guys were so cute!!" Trixie loved every minute of this. She loved flirting with John and she loved being able to soak up his gorgeousness.

All of the sudden Trixie's mom came rushing out of the house.

"Trixie get in the car!! Vanessa is in labor!!"

"I'm really sorry, but I have to go. My half sister-in-law is delivering and I've got to be there for my godchildren's births. I'm really sorry!! Bye, I guess I'll see you around Mr. Welcome Wagon!" She had to get that last joke in.

Trixie darted off towards the car and jumped in. When they got to the hospital all the family had already heard, so all of them were in the waiting room. Trixie knew there was a spot for her in the delivery room with Vanessa and Ray so she ran to the check-in desk to get directed to Vanessa's room. The receptionist kindly pointed to the delivery room and Trixie got there just in time to see her godchildren being born.

Vanessa had a boy and a girl, fraternal twins, and she named the little boy Zachary Ross and the little girl Jessica Nicole. They were beautiful. It was almost hard to believe that Ray had helped at all to create the babies because, afterall, Trixie's prayers were answered and the babies were spitting images of Vanessa, grace and beauty. Trixie was glad to be called their aunt and godmother and so thankful for everything she had in her life: family, friends back home, her soon-to-be new friends, and health...and love. She loved her life and everything in it.


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