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Hi, my name is Airilee
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To Dance Until Death

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By Hikari_Kaimue_Chan Send DollMail
Created: 2006-09-02 22:25:50 All stories by Hikari_Kaimue_Chan
Airilee looked up at the gigantic marble building. It was the Doll Palace, a dancing place for the young fairies and pixies like her whom haden't gained their wings. Airilee walked inside and saw an olcer fairy with long brown hair and long, glittery, translucent blue wings. She smiled to Airilee.

"What is your name, dear?" she asked.

"A-Airilee Willows," Airilee whispered.

"Willows... Willows..." the fairy scanned a scroll. "Ah, yes, Airilee Willows, go down the right-hand hallway and all the way to the end. Your class will begin in fifteen minutes."

"Thank you!" Airilee called, running down the hall, her bare feet slapping lightly on the ground. She walked into the class and gasped. Several fairies looked back at her. There was a pixie she knew called Daniel, and a fairy with flaming red hair called Rose. She sat between them.

"Are you Airilee?" asked the teacher, a tall, gorgeous fairy with big, dark eyes and long black hair.

""Y-Yes," Airilee stuttered.

Daniel sniggered.

"This class for the Winter Carnival, will be working on Swan Lake. Even though Miss Willows is new here, she's been taking classes for decades," the teacher said. "Show me how well you dance."

Airilee, blushing, stood up and did a cut from the Sleeping Beauty ballet. The class applauded.

"Miss Willows, I'm your teacher, Lily Doloph, please call me Miss Lily, and you've proven yourself wotrhy of my class."

Airilee smiled and sat down again, blushing lightly.

"That was well done," muttered Daniel.

"Yes, very much so!" said Rose.

Daniel was very handsome with black hair and a somewhat pale complexion. Five students, two fairies, three pixies, stared back at Airilee with their black eyes. All five of them had rich, dark skin and shiny black hair. Airilee felt very wierd, for she had long blonde hair and pale blue eyes. She watched everyone else warm up and smiled. They were going to try the casting for Odile and the prince for Swan Lake. Rose did very very well and so did one of the fairies who'd sat across from Airilee called Eridet. But by far, Daniel was the best for the pixie's try-outs. Adahll, Ferodvoch, Crale and Drerosieve were the only pixies who even came close. Fero smiled to Airilee.

"Can I call you Ari?" he asked. "I'm Fero."

"Ari works."

"So, Ari...." said Fero. "this is your first time at Doll Palace Dancing Institute?"


"Do you like DPDI much?"

"Oh, very much."

"WILLOWS!" bellowed Miss Lily. "I want you to try for Odile! NOW!"

Airilee slowly rose to her feet and walked before the teacher. She did several of Odile's dance steps, both as a girl and as a swan.

She stopped and sated at everyone. Fero was by far the most pleased. He walked over and smiled to her.

"I liked it, Ari, I really did," he said. "If nobody else did, I did."

Ari blushed. Her new name had stuck already. She haden't done as well as Rose, but it was apparently close. They went home, Ari talking to her three new friends.

"I didn't do as well as Rose, though," Ari said as Fero complimented ehr for the umpteenth time.

Rose blushed.

"Oh, no you did better," she said. Daniel smiled at Rose.

"You did well. Both of you," he kissed them both on the cheek and wlaked into his house. Rose was blushing, Ari was shocked and Fero suddenly seemed grumpy.

The next day at the Doll Palace, they recieved thier parts. Ari was Odile's stand-in, Fero was the Prince's. The main leads were to wait until....

"Odile and the prince are..... Rose and Daniel?" snooty Kodle read. She was a crule fairy who teased adn taunted Ari and her friends becasue they haden't been dancing as long as Kodle.

Rose and Daniel looked at each other with their mouths open slightly.

"No... way..." they said.

Ari and Fero cheered. Ari watched the practice with Fero. They were the only two understudies.

They watched all the practices for the next few weeks, dancing every now and then themselves, but Rose and Daniel were an unbeatable team. The day for the Carnival approached, Then, the day before the practice, Rose, who was above Daniel's head as part of the dance, fell. She gave a sharp gasp of pain and Daniel winched and rubbed his sore leg.

"What happened?!" Miss Lily asked. Fero and Ari watched, worried, beside their friends.

"I-I-I-I- C-can't m-move," gasped Rose. "c-can't b-breathe..."

"Rose, Rose it'll be ok!" said Ari, worried. Daniel tried to ignore the searing pain in his legs.

"And I can't move my legs without pain," he said dully.

"That means that Fero and Ari will take our places," muttered Rose through her pain.

Ari and Fero exchanged shocked looks.

"Right. Willows! Ardos! Take these two to the Wing and hurry back!" Miss Lily said. She was pale and lookied ill. Ari and Fero rushed Rose and Daniel to the Wing where the nurse took care of them. Rose was crying in pain and Daniel was obviously trying not to.

Afte hours and hours, Ari and Fero were prepared.

The prefomance did not go well at first. Everything was wrong. The costumes, the setting, everything. Finally, everthing was set right and the dance went well, no injuries. Ari danced and danced, smiling at Fero. at the very end, she leaned up and whispered in his ear;

"I love you, never for get that, and thank you for everything," she said, kissing him on the cheek and walking off. Fero noticed long, glittery blue wings on her back and smiled. They'd both proven themselves worthy of graduating from The Doll Palace with wings of honor. He simply smiled to himself and flew off into the Winter sunset.


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Millersville, PA
All My Stories
Posted On: September 30, 2006

United Kingdom
All My Stories
Posted On: September 27, 2006
It was really good

All My Stories
Posted On: September 3, 2006
That was kind of weird. :|

Staten Island, NY
All My Stories
Posted On: September 3, 2006
i, like it but hwo did their legs get hurt?

Kannapolis, NC
All My Stories
Posted On: September 2, 2006
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