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Hi, my name is Beaten
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These Chains

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Created: 2005-06-26 19:46:31 All stories by
I am here all alone

No one to help me through

This life of mine that is worthless

If only they knew

The pain I hold within

It breaks my heart inside

I cannot think and cannot love

My wings cannot fly

He put me in these chains

I cannot break away

They are made out of steel

Here, I am to stay

He does not feed me daily

He ridicules my looks

He rapes me by the hour

My freedom, he has took

I fell for the fake smile

I was in a trance

I think he may have drugged me

And he ripped away my pants

Hurting me, killing me inside

The chains are becoming tighter

Theres nowhere to hide

What is happening now?

Im getting really scared

He is trying to kill me

And im so unprepared

He takes the gun

And he points it toward my head

I am gone now

Classify me as dead.

The chains are no longer here

My hands are finally free

I can now be with God

Finally, able to Breathe

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Beverly Hills, CA
All My Stories
Posted On: December 5, 2007
that was very good
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