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Hi, my name is Izzy
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The secret life of Mr Borm

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By Izzy_zy_Rocker Send DollMail
Created: 2011-06-21 12:40:14 All stories by Izzy_zy_Rocker
A/N: I'm working on my contest entry, I really am, but I've been writing at it non-stop for over three hours now and I need a break, so I decided to post this random thingy here I had saved on my comp for a few weeks.

It's about my English teacher, Mr Borm, who is an enigma to us all, and keeps surprising the class with things he's done. ("Oh yes, these schools are not uncommon int eh country, why I once founded and run one myself a few years, when I was younger." "Bungee jumping? Of course I've gone bungee jumping, who hasn't?" "I won't be making it to the teacher's meeting, because I have a movie premier to attend, kids." "I was wondering if anyone else in this class will be attending that Gorillaz concert this weekend. We could meet up." etc. etc.)

Long story short, coolest teacher in the world.

Now, my classmates thought it would be a fun idea for all of us to write one page of prose about what we thought one of his secret second lives is. And this is my contribution.


Most people in this world lead boring or at least fairly unremarkable lives, or if not, at least appear outwardly as if they do. Though there are a rare few who, on top of their normality also live a secret second life that no one, often even the ones closest to them, knows of.

Victor Borm is one of those people. By day, he is widely known and appreciated as an English teacher, husband and father, international superspy, alchemist and the most trusted advisor of president Obama.

However, by night, whenever he was needed he would take on the sixth (and in this instant secret) identity of a crime-fighting superhero. The actual amount of crime that required fighting in the area was debatable, most offenses in the area remaining limited to misbehaving teenagers making too much noise and occasional bicycle theft. Nevertheless, bicycle theft, too, needed to be put a stop to. If all heroes were so haughty as to only spring into action for a bank robbery or more, then the quality of life would not be improved perceptibly. It was a good thing that there were still heroes out there who took to fixing the smaller things, which were closer to one’s own world anyway.

It was an evening like many others upon which mister Borm was sitting in his living room reading when the alarm went off. The thing was not easy to ignore, loud and blaring (perhaps a little unnecessarily so) and had roused his family’s vexation on virtually all occasions. It was crucial in his crime fighting career, though, since it was the indication of when an act of crime had been spotted by his sidekick. Of course, this task of keeping an eye out was reserved solely for the sidekick, since a hero had more important things to do, like reading for instance. The sidekick’s identity, origin, exact purpose or even name need not be elaborated upon, because that is what makes him a sidekick.

The only real interesting feature of any typical sidekick is the fact that he is devoid of interesting features. His purpose is to keep the hero from feeling lonely and to enable him to verbalise his plans and opinions without having to talk to himself. Perhaps also noteworthy, is how the sidekick usually fits a specific profile. He is either skilled but gravely underappreciated because he is not allowed to outshine his hero like Batman’s boy wonder Robin, or completely useless and only meant to get abducted by villains and hence further the plot like Superman’s helper Jimmy Olsen or more simply ethnic and therefore constantly misrepresented like the Green Hornet’s valet Kato.

That night, mister Borm instantly jumped to his feet and swiftly made his way to the back door, where his sidekick would always spontaneously appear in such an event shortly after the alarm first sounded, leaving him exactly enough time to flip the switch in the hallway along the way and turn the annoying sound off.

He needed not go through the ordeal of changing into a costume of sorts before setting out on a mission, because he had long since decided that was not necessary. There is no reason why one could not fight small-time felonies while dressed in a smart-casual shirt and corduroy pants. He did, however, wear a mask in order to hide his true identity and always carried it on his person just in case he might need it unexpectedly. It may be argued that a mask resembling the fur patterns on a raccoon’s face are not sufficient to keep others from recognising him, but it is common knowledge that wearing an object that obscures a tiny portion of one’s face makes one entirely unrecognisable to absolutely everyone.

When he opened the door his sidekick, also made anonymous by the cunning presence of a mask, already stood there waiting with a solemn look on his face. He took his job very seriously, and was very concerned with the problems of the area. With mild discomfort, he reported the problem: a group of children were going around farms in the area, startling animals with fireworks.

‘The nerve.” Mister Borm said, thankful at least that he knew how to deal with children. A sincere notification of how disappointed he was with their behaviour and they would never consider doing such a thing ever again. With a decisive nod, he made it clear that they were ready to go.

“To the Borm Cave!” His sidekick said enthusiastically.

“I prefer not to call it that. That sounds like plagiarism. Besides, it’s not a cave, it’s a shed.” With that, the two of them set off into the night walking, rather anti-climactically, to the shed in front of which the car was parked and then drove off into the night, on their way to make the world a little bit better.

Member Comments  

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Posted On: June 22, 2011


Palo Cedro, CA
All My Stories
Posted On: June 21, 2011
XD haha. I loved the anti-climatic ending.

All My Stories
Posted On: June 21, 2011
Lol, this was very cute. It reminded me of the green hornet movie.


All My Stories
Posted On: June 21, 2011
Haha, Izzy that was awesome! "Besides, it's not a cave, it's a shed." XD

Lovely. This was just really fun to read. =]


All My Stories
Posted On: June 21, 2011
This was hilarious, Izzy. I love the easy-going, somewhat...I dunno what to call it. It's sarcastic, sort of, but not blatantly so. In any case, it's amazing, and I love it.

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