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Hi, my name is Dia
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The princess part 2

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By SAMDJSAVI Send DollMail
Created: 2013-01-20 22:57:46 All stories by SAMDJSAVI
Not knowing that Dia has left her music box in the palace her maid, Diu found it. She opened the box and was amazed and she took it with her. LAter that day a ball was going on at a place called Damhairshire. Diu wanted to go as well but she was just a maid. suddenly the music box rippled and she was enveloped in dark blue light. she came out in a sexy pale blue top and an embarassing indian one piece skirt that has slits as both sides. she then wore golden balle heels, long blue gloves, eye make up. her hair turned balck and was curled up in tight ball balls, on her head was a golden crown. Her mind went greedy and she wanted the box all to her self. she wen to the ball. The rpince was waiting for dia but didnt see her. Suddenly he saw Diu! His heart skipped a beat and he danced with her. Dia came in with a worried face, wondering where the music box was. Then she saw diu in that dress her anger swelled up. The maid was up to no good.

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