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Hi, my name is Chapter 1
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The outcasts

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By v0ldemort___x Send DollMail
Created: 2013-04-06 22:39:56 All stories by v0ldemort___x
(From left to right: Marx Wright, Jazmine Lucas, Violet Stevens, Francesca Davis, Harlem Jay, Jacob Light, Kyzan Hicks, Z Kraigs)

The outcasts. The losers. The wannabe's. The nobody's. You've all heard of them, most of you were probably labeled as them. Well.. these outcasts are different. They don't care about their titles or the people who label them. This is all about them. They don't care about the somebodies of the world. They are their own 'somebodies'.


"Jazz, I'm telling you. You're r3tarded," Violet spat at the girl, tossing a stack of papers in front of her. "You're going to make us fail this class."

After flipping through several of the papers, Jazmine Lucas rolled her eyes before they landed on Violet, who was know furiously digging through her low hanging brown leather bag. "No, I'm not! This specifically states that it takes 28 days for the moon to revolve around the sun, not thirty - not thirty one."

"Ugh, that's so stupid. Everytime the moon revolves around the earth once, the month changes. It only takes 28 days in February," Violet retorted, yanking a pencil from her bag.

Just then, Frankie walked into the room, tossing her science book onto Jazz's desk. "28 days, Violet. Stop being a b!.tch to her, Jazmine." With that, she took a seat on the edge of Violet's bed, folding her feet underneath her. "Where is everyone?"


The large truck veered to the left, and Harlem squeeled - she was sure the car would tip over this time, but when it didn't she frowned at Kyzan and Z, who were sitting driver seat and shot gun of the large dodge ram they were all sitting in. "You can slow down, you know!" She hissed, assuring for the millionth time that her seatbelt was buckled by running her fingers down the length of it and to the bottom. "You're going to kill us!"

Harlem had always been terrified of cars and trucks, mostly because her parents died in a road-rage enduced accident a few years back, caused by her father's nasty temper when it came to people cutting him off. Kyzan and Z both knew, but neither ever went out of their way to attempt to make her feel more comfortable. "I'm going to smack you guys if - " Suddenly, the car made a sharp turn and came to a sudden halt, causing Harlem to almost pee herself. She looked out the window and practically kicked the truck's door about, jumping out when she seen they were at Violet's house. "Thank god!" She cried, snatching her backpack and hitting Z with it.

"Ow, what the he'll!" He growled, rubbing his arm. She shrugged, and continued in, heading into Violet's bedroom.

"Never... I repeat NEVER, make me drive with them again! Please!" She begged, throwing herself onto Violet's bed.

With a small laugh, Frankie patted the girl's head, smiling. "No worries, I'll give you a ride home."

Harlem nodded before sitting up. "Wait, where's Marx?"

The girls shrugged as Kyzan and Z walked in. "No clue," Z said.

Harlem dialed his number before putting the phone to her ear. After about two rings, his voicemail came up. "Hey babe, uhm.. Did you forget? We were all meeting at Violet's today to work on that stupid Science project that's due for Mrs. Bolleti's.. Call me. Bye," She said quickly before hanging up.


He tightened his hands on her hips pulling her body against his large frame as his lips smothered hers. The only thing that interrupted them was 'Suicide Silence' blaring from his phone. He quickly pulled away and looked at the caller I.D. Harlem. He sent it to voicemail before he began to kiss the girl again, catching her lip between his teeth. When he heard two beeps from his phone, he pulled away once more. He had a voicemail from Harlem. He held up a finger to signal, 'one moment', and pressed play, putting his phone to his ear.

After it finished, he cursed under his breath and slid his boxers on. "F.uck," He grumbled, getting his clothes on.

"What?" The blonde - whom he had no idea what her name was - asked. "Where are you going?"

"Just get dressed and go home," He growled at her, slipping on his shoes. He grabbed her violently by the arm and tossed her out of his bedroom, scooping up her clothes and dragging her down the steps and out the door with him, tossing her onto the grass before throwing the na.ked girl her clothes. "Get the f.uck out of here!"

He locked his door and quickly got into his car, heading for Violet's.

He pulled up alongside Kyzan's car, and got out before walking into the house and up to Violet's room where he'd been more than once - with less than his boxers on. He smirked at Harlem and wrapped his arm around her waist, pulling her in for a kiss. "Hey babe, sorry. Got called in for work this morning."


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