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Hi, my name is Jenna
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The night I'll never forget...Part one:Jenna

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Created: 2004-12-12 09:27:56 All stories by
Would you belive I met Josh on a chatroom?, nobody did at first. It was a pretty normal night, I was on this Chatroom and I was talking and stuff, and then he walced into the room. We hit it off straight away, not that we started out as partners, just mates....but I let it get out of control.

I had an odd time at that chatroom. I met friends, hung out laughed, exchanged know the stuff friends do in real life. I mean, I don't know why I was on there, I had real friends and I real life...I looked reasnoble but I just needed to know that people liked me for me?, you know. I mean I got alot of friends when i started going out with the school jock, which gave me permanent social status. But soon I felt insucure, and felt I needed to make friends who liked me for me, so it seemed to be the only way.

But everyday I seemed to feel closer to the chatroom then I did to the real world, and found myself falling in love with Josh, he was funny, sweet and kind and I just wanted to be with him, you know?! but then one night everything changed. It seemed an Average day, until I saw those words

Josh: Beckz I love ya

Beckz quickly got jealousof my small talk with gary "GET LOST JENNA!" she said to me, as I helplessly begged gary to let me stay, as beckz began to call me names. Josh joined in to, shortly after my best friend had joined the convo, Martha. She told me to leave it when I said I was gonna be careless and blurt it all out, but I couldn't I had to go and do it..."I love you Josh!" I blurted out, adding on how I felt and how I admired him for so long, but he rejected me, saying he hated me and told me to shut it, and thats when I couldn't take any more of the madness. I had a big fight with Gary, and then grabbed some sleeping pills, I was already crying and dizzy, and without thinking I swallowed them and blacked out. TO BE CONTINUED!

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Posted On: March 19, 2014
That was really good

All My Stories
Posted On: November 11, 2008
wow, that was really good.

i dnt think my friends hav anything to like me 4, except me. XD

keep me posted!

All My Stories
Posted On: January 10, 2006
hey keep goin! that was good!
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