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Hi, my name is Abbey
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The new girl 2

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Created: 2006-10-19 19:48:28 All stories by
Once Abbey got home she felt as if she was the most unpopular person in her new school. Before if you were knew you would be cool, and welcomed but here it was way diffrent.

"Abbey dear how was the first day at your knew school?" Abbey's mom asked with a smile.

"Mom why did we move out here?! This is the worst I have ever been treated! I hate you!! And my day at school was horrabul! I have no friends not one! At my old school they all accepted me and here I am the freek!" Abbey stormed up to her room and went on her MSN. To Abbey's suprize Brodie was online they talked for so long.

When it was time for supper Abbey was so hungry, Abbey's mom made a bowl of pasta.

The next day Abbey got up and dissided to leave her hair down and put pertent streaks in it and see if they would accept her then, she wore these ausome brown'y yellow pants with a white shirt and she left the last 5 buttons undone. When Abbey got to school everyone came up to her and welcomed her to the school.

"Why are you just welcoming me today? When I was here yesterday no one came up to me and I felt bad!" Abbey asked but she wasn't going to lose her only friends at her new school.

"Were you the girl that everyone was making fun of becaus of the piggie tails?" asked Sam "If you are then I would jsut like to say that im sorry."

"Ohh Sam it is okay but I would just like to know why dont you accept people that are diffrent then you?" Abbey asked

"Why should we? We are the popular people! We can't just accept randome people they have to look good like you!!" asked Sarah

"Haha I think that we should now because everyone doesn't like us because we are like that." Karly said

"Yeah im not going to be your friend if you will not accpet people because we need more then just the cool kids as friends" Abbey told the group

"Well then go on shoo we dont need you here" said Colton with a smile

"Fine then you lost me too" Karly hisses at Colton


"haha you wish because the truth is that you need me" Abbey and Karly both stomped off.

This time a lunch Abbey wasn't wating alone all of a sudden all of these people were sitting with her.

"I heard that you back talked TAYLOR!" one said all of them keep on making it a huge deal that Abbey and Karly (Abbey's new best friend by the way) about how they ditched Taylor.

Abbey went home and her mom saw the huge smile on Abbey's face and went up to her ad asked " So was today any better then yesterday?"

"Ya it was until you came up to me and just reminded me about when I had no frineds, but it is okay because today I meet some cool friends"Abbey replyed

"Oh im sorry" Abbey's mom said back

"The guys are hot too" Abbey mumbled

"What?"Abbey's mom yelled

"I said that the guys are funny too" Abbey said right away

Abbey had a hard time going to sleep agian she was worrying that her friends will just ditch her like when she first went to her old school.

Abbey wished that she could have stayed in her old school still because there was way to much drama at her new school, in her old school there was no drama and if there was it was over right away because everyone was friends.

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United Kingdom
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Posted On: October 20, 2006
continue!! luv it!! plz dollmail me wen da next part comes out

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